Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Alan M. Dershowitz: Liar Here or Just Stupid

Well respected lawyer Alan Dershowitz has an opinion piece in which is annoying. One wonders if he is too old to remember everything (a sad statement because his mind is sharper than mine), or chooses to ignore information to make a slick click-bait post (which is worse, because it is then a lie by omission).

You can read the whole piece at the link or the first paragraph below.  But my point can be found right away. He states "There was no evidence of any crime committed by the Trump administration." And this original sin is why he says there should not be a special counsel. BUT, you idiot Alan, the special counsel was appointed because VSG Trump, by his own admission, fired the director of the FBI to stop the investigation of Russian meddling in our election.

Following his "logic", we had our intelligence agencies doing what he proposed, investigating Russian meddling in our election. This investigation directly lead to the firing of the FBI Director, and the Presidential direction for the FBI to stop the investigation. But that doesn't merit a special investigator???

See, you decide: Liar or Stupid.

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