Monday, March 19, 2018

Democracy Dies Without a Tear

President VSG Trump indulged in his favorite game, tear the country apart and spit on the constitution.

His tweet above is in reference to the firing of FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Andrew has been on Trump's shit-list since he contradicted our VSG President and said the FBI WAS behind James Comey and morale was good.

The publicly provided reason he was fired was due to a internal investigation, which is not complete and therefore could not be shared.

Sessions fired McCabe a Friday night (bury the news), the day before his 50th birthday and 2 days before his pension kicked in.

Oddly, right before Christmas, President VSG Trump noted that McCabe better be careful with only 90 days to retirement.  How amazing to know that he might be fired in the most humilitating way, 88 days before it happened.

Punishing FBI and Justice Department employees for doing their jobs is illegal. And here President Trump has publicly said he fired James Comey to stop the Russian investigation and then ruins the pension of a career FBI employee and Director that stepped in because VSG Trump fired Comey in a huff. ONCE our country - particularly Republicans - wanted us to follow the rule of law.  But not if it gets in the way of President VSG Tiny hands.

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