Friday, July 06, 2018

Damsel is a Movie in Distress

Ed and I went to see Damsel yesterday. I blame myself for this, I had read some goods things about it, in particular about Robert Patterson.  The images and trailer give the impression that Robert Patterson and Mia Wasikowska are the co-stars. The credits give the same impression.

The are co-stars only in that they both star in this movie. They are actually very rarely in the movie together. It is essentially 2 halves, one were Patterson stars and one where Wasikowska stars.

Neither half is particularly great, nor entertaining.

Part one is a Comedic Western Love Story with a little Tragedy thrown in. Part two is a Seriocomedic Western Tragedy with a little Adventure thrown in.

Patterson is great in a different type of role than you usually see him in. Wasikowska is great as Western Proto-feminist. And the movie will have you occasionally laugh and quite often ask "What the hell...?". In fact, as we left, both Ed and I laughed and said, "What the Hell was that?" Unfortunatley it was followed by, "..besides a waste of time and money.

But yes, Butterscotch is cute.

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