Monday, February 04, 2019

Ostrog Monastary - Because A Trip Down Memory Lane is Better Than News

The Monastery of Ostrog is one of the jewels of Montenegro's tourist industry. It is also a real Monastery and people in Montenegro take it seriously.

The "heart" of the complex are 2 cave churches, built into the mountain. These were completed in the 1600s and have remained ever since. The rest of the complex dates from 1923 - 1926, after a fire destroyed all but the cave churches.

The complex built into the mountain contains a number of rooms, the cave churches and the relics of St. Basil. It is Serbian Orthodox.  Three kilometers (by path) is the lower church. It is built around a small church (but beautiful) of The Holy Trinity.

St. Basil on roof of the small Church of the Holy Trinity

Those Orthodox Serbs are not afraid of color!
To get a miracle, you are supposed to walk - barefoot - the three kilometers from the lower to the upper Monastery.  I actually did see a couple doing this, pushing a stroller.

For the rest of us, there is a car-park much closer to the upper Monastery. The road is scary, but it is a lovely view from the top.

The rooms at the upper Monastery (the actual monastery you can just see on the far right.