Sunday, July 30, 2006


So Muffin (Teri) has adopted a dog. It was a little puppy mix. It is now a big-puppy mix.

Muffin, being the good mom wanted to be sure that if the dog (Scout) fell in the pool, she could get out. So she kept working with Scout to put her int he pool, an d findthe steps out.

Scout, you must understand, was not thrilled with this. Scout is not a fan of the pool. In fact, she was over once and Trevor fell in the pool - and Scout pulled him out by the collar like he was about to die (Scout has a little crush on Trevor).

So, last time Muffin brought Scout over, Scout and Trevor played and played (although now the size difference is dramatic). Then Scout ran and stayed in the pool. And we say to Muffin (who can't see this) - oh great, you got Scout to go in the pool when she is hot. Muffin stood up and said, "Nooo..." and we all turned.

Scout is no longer afraid of the pool, but she stands on the first step and pees in it.


Friday, July 28, 2006


So you know how you can buy a package of sponges at the store. And you get one home and you put it in water and it blows up to like 10 times its original size?

Now imagine that, only with a tiny dog on a double bed.

Yes, I said double. The temporary apartment has a tiny little double bed. And in the tiny little double bed is Ed-the-flopper and Trevor-the-sprawler. And me.

If we all think back, Ed and I bought a new Cal King (a little bigger than a regular King) for the desert because we couldn’t take the queen size in the desert for even 2 nights every third week. Image how much sleep we are getting in the humid confines of the temporary housing with the air conditioner running, the flopper flopping and the little dog deciding in the middle of the night that the pillow looks much nicer than the foot of the bed.

Ahh… then I sleep in and work from home as Eddie heads off in the subway (or as we like to think of it, the traveling Turkish steam bath – it seems so much more exotic that way).

Thursday, July 27, 2006

So the things about New York

I have noticed some things that either say a lot about New York, or a lot about LA - I'm not sure which. But they are surprising to me.

1) Everyone seems to have dogs. I guess there are probably more dogs in LA (everyone on Quebec had 1 or 2 dogs) - but here you have to walk them so they are all outside.

2) I was ready for the walking and the subway and everything. But I was really surprised no restaurants have valets. In LA everyone has a valet (Bristols Farms markets for goodness sakes) - here no one does. Odd.

3) The nannys are black not Mexican. And not African American - most are Jamican or Trinidadian. No hispanic maids.

4) At the market today, I asked for Salsa. The stocker says to me "Salsa for Chips?" I answered without thinking - "No, Salsa for cooking." He was like, "We only have Salsa for Chips." So I asked again, where was that Salsa, because there was no Mexican Food aisle and it wasn't next to the ketchup. He says, like dripping with sarcasim, "Next to the chips." I shrugged my shoulders and was like, Ooo-kay. (And I thought all the commericals said that most Salsa was made in New York City ("NEW YURK CIT-Y?")).

5) It is a great city for the bumble. There are little shops and restaurants everywhere. It's fun.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So you might have noticed the new mascot

Ever since Gareth sent me the Calvin and Hobbs thang, I have revisited my Hobbs fun. So I thought I would share it with you.

If you want more, go to Calvin and Hobbs for your daily fix.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fun Things to do with a Sleepy Dog

Trevor had a big week-end. We walked a lot - and the little dog is not used to that so much. So by Sunday night he was ex-Hoss-ted. (A Bonanza rift - but probably outside most everyone's experience).

When little dogs are that tired, you can wear them as a wrap.

Of you can just hold them while they can't hold up their own head.

Friday, July 21, 2006

See here is the difference..

In Los Angeles it looks like it is going to rain for the entire month of June and then
.... nuttin'

In New York it looks like it is going to rain for the entire hour of 8AM and then at 9AM
.... freaking pours down rain.

Gotta run, building an Ark.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Our front room

Yes, i look a little fat in the picture, but it is just the way the shirt bunches.

I thought I would give you a shot of our temporary front room. (PS the cute little pup is our own Trevor).

So Gareth Noted a Similarity

So Gareth was at the Tate Modern and was looking at the pictures. And he saw the Jason Pollack below. And he looked and looked, And it reminded him of a different picture. One that also touched his heart. Or his funny bone, he couldn't remember which.
I tend to agree.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Walking with John Travolta

So, even if you haven't seen Saturday Night Fever (like me) - you have seen John Travolta strutting down the boulevard. And everyone watches him.

Well, walking with the Trevor Pup is a lot like that. Trevor struts and everyone watches him. And Ed's training idea was perfect! He stops at the light and sits and waits to walk. This while other dogs yank and pull at the leashes (kind of like Ashford and Hastings did). Trevor is a good looking boy.

As for New York - it is very hot here right now. It is in the high 90's. But (knock wood) it hasn't been terribly humid. That is good because the heat I can handle pretty well.

Eddie and I have eaten at a REALLY cool restaurent (Ruby Foo's) the other day. The temporary housing is really nice - all up and in . It has a washing machine and air conditioner - so nothing to complain about. Plus it has wireless (okay someone in the building hasn't password protected their wireless -it's the same thing). So far so good.

As for my friends - Bridget's daughter pulls off the John Travolta look on a bike. She is a 3 year old looker.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Welcome to New York

Well, some body did a good job of finding the house. The temporary house is a nice first floor apartment with a big bedroom and a huge bathroom (with a washer/dryer). And, luckily for us all, the neighbor's have unsecured wireless.

So, all in all, cool start. Trevor survivied the flight well. He got a little freaked out earlier, but he is exploring the apartment and having a good old time.

More later

(And Lynnie, thank you for the welcome call)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Scott: How is that move going

The move is going fine, thank you. We are out of here Sunday morning.

The sale of the house, not so good. The buyer fell out today. As it turns out, it helps to be an American citizen when getting a loan. Not so much for the Finnish.

And although the Richard-Heads approved the Termite inspection when we bought the house, low and behold it now needs work for Termites. What work you ask? Well, the deck (like 40 feet about the ground) needs new supports. ASAP.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ok, it is time to rip the band-aide off

Alright, I'm done with the boo-dee-hoo. Seriously.

Yes, I'm still sick to my stomach when I think about the pups. I miss them terribly, but I know they are happy and finally comfortable. It is amazing what you see in hindsight...It makes me love Ashford even more knowing that he was trying to figure out if we would be alright if he left. And that Hastings was hanging around waiting for Ashford. Amazing boys. You may say I'm projecting, and I'd tell you that you are absolutely wrong. I'm SO happy that they never knew life without the other, yet I'm in tears writing this.

that was the hardest, and now I'll continue....

I'm also sick of being bummed out about leaving the house I love. When we bought it, it was like the 200th house we saw, and it was acceptable only when I realized that we could not afford a house that was "finished". We loved the house because we made it our house. We can do that again.

I'm tired of feeling like we've made people unhappy because we are moving. Most of us have moved a zillion times throughout our lives, and it usually sucks. Yet, we still touch the ones we love, and will continue to do so. We will all be fine if we take the time to reach out and still care. I'm game.

I'm done with being concerned about taking a leap into the GE&NBC world. It is not Hollywood, Disneyland and Seagrams. But it is not angry 3-Day walkers in a hurricane in Atlanta either (oh my God, what a nightmare)!! I will be easily in my comfort zone and as for Scott, they have asked him to work for them wherever he is living. How can you ask for more, other than not working - sorry Scooter, but you know you'd be bored for at least a while :-).

I walked into the most depressing hotel room Sunday night at midnight. I could not believe how small and stale it was. And then again, I'm staying in a hotel off of Time Square, and working to work on the 51st floor of Rockefeller Center. That really doesn't suck.

Now....I want to move into a new home with Scooter and Trevor as soon as we can rip the band-aide off. Let's get on with it.

I am thrilled to watch Trevor chase absolutely everything in Central Park. He is going to LOVE it!! I am excited to find places in NY that tourists don't have time to find. And I'm excited to create a new home here with Scott.

I'm finally there. Let's rip the band-aide off. This is going to be fun.


Monday, July 10, 2006

So.. about this moving thing

Well, Ed officially started his New York job today. He is working from a hotel until this week-end. Then we show up and move into the temporary housing.

I started to pack. First the things that we are moving to the desert. I am taking those out tonight.
I guess I am not packing the house, the movers are. That is all well and good.

It's been terribly hot here (but not like NY - I know), so packing has been fun (he said sarcastically). I guess I don't really have much to say.

It is sad leaving.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

One last pic for Julie

This is the last picture of soccor from the world cup. A final picture for Jules who has a little Robert Kovac thang... (the Croat on the left).

Pirates and Winners

Well I thought Pirates wasn't nearly as bad as the reviews. And talk about review proof. The movie got the worst reviews in recent memory and mad a gazillion dollars.

Lynn, Ed and I went to see it. It was okay. It would have been much better if it was a lot shorter. When Johnny Deep or Orlando Bloom or Kiera Knightly was onscreen and talking it was pretty funny and pretty good. There were just WAY TOO MANY effects. Yes, the giant killer Octopus was good. Yes the rollinhg cage was funny. But stop already.

And we say goodbye to the World Cup with a little salute to the winners, Italy.

This is the italian soccor team helping out Dolce & Gabbana. Congrats boys.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Spekaing of Handsome Soccor Players

Ed's nephew Sean, a soccor playing fiend, got his top braces off the other day. He is now ready to officially "slay" them.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Goodbye Portugal

Well, France beat Portugal to have a France / Italy final. I don't really care so much, but any time is the right time to say hello to Cristanio Ronaldo.


(Scott is trying to move on here).

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Maybe it is Petty of Me

... but why was Kenny Boy Lay out of jail in the first place?

If a black guy robbed 5 people of $50,000 each AND was convicted of it. He would be in jail. He would NOT be found guilty in April, and be sentenced in October and get to spend the time in between in Aspen spending the $250,000. Right?

So why does Ken Lay steal billions of dollars AND get convicted of it, then get to lay his tired ass around his Aspen house until October?

Do the thousands of employees he stole from not count? Do the people of California, whom he stole from and laughed about, not count? Or is this country just becoming Brazil, only more corrupt with better plumbing?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Goodbye Guys

So you have these puppies. And you raise them. And you love them. And they get you through the bad times. And when you cry, they nuzzel you. And when you laugh, they laugh with you. And you swim and they jump in the water. And you get a new artner for life, and they relish him.

Then one day, one of the pups gets sick. But he hangs in there - because he is waiting for his friend. Sure, he sleeps, but he is waiting. And then the other gets sick. His artheritis gets worse than ever (Ashford hurt even to be carried up the stairs, much less walk), he starts to lose wieght (Ashford!).

So you do the best thing you can for the dogs (becasue would do anything and have done everything for you). You help them go to sleep comfortably. And they don't hurt and they lay in their chair the last time, and smile once again, and lick your hand goodbye.

And then you cry.

Thanks Lynn and Bradley for being there.

And thanks Ashford and Hastings for being the best dogs ever. There are about a billion times I wouldn't have made another awful / hard / emotional day except for you two. So go play ball again in dog heaven. Because I don't believe in that crap - but I know you are there.