Wednesday, May 03, 2017

"We Need A Good shutdown in September" says President ofthe United States

It is, it must be said, odd for the President of the United States to be rooting for a government shut down. 

His budget chief said it was because the Democrats hurt his feelings (by "spiking the ball", "celebrating a win" and other things losing teams say) after the continuing budget resolution.


First, the Democrats aren't in power. Anywhere. So if them to get a win, I think it is fine for them to release what they were happy about.


But the Republicans can't get their act together. The Republican caucus of NO in the House means that they have to work with Nancy Pelosi.

Now let's address the Tangerine Heffalump in the room and his busy busy busy little fingers.

1) The President is publicly calling for closing the National Parks, ended Social Security Checks, laying off hundreds of thousands of workers, stopping food inspections, stop overseeing drug trails, stop paying doctors - at the very least. That is the impotent cry of a child sent to his room without desert, not an adult - much less the President of the United States.

2) IF the President REALLY DOES WANT a shut down, then veto the spending bill.  Presto, you have what you want. Now.  Done.  But the President doesn't have to canojes to actually DO anything, just the tweety canjones to whine about it.

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