Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Palm Springs Dreaming (or is it a fever dream)

So, we all know I love house porn. Sometimes I dream of moving back to Palm Springs and I look at houses. I have a Trulia pop-up when there is a house I am thinking of.

Usually the houses have been redone by that whole "house-flippers-do-mid-century-modern-gay" vibe that I really do love.  Occasionally, though, one is sent that just slays me.

This one says it needs updating. That is an understatement! I both love and hate this house. It is like the worst of the 70s. It is SO over the top, I kind of want it!!! It is so horrible, it has moved right to kitsch. I think you could rent it for bad movies....

Cuz you can't have too much orange.

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Yes kids, the Aztec god is guarding the orange shag game room!