Thursday, March 31, 2005

Geisha House

Eddie took me to dinner last night to Giesha House. I liked it (it was a zillon dollars - I should like it).

It was hip Japanese food. The waiter was a little too slick - and the Sake Somolier was a bit over the top - but it was a kick. It would be more fun with more people. But my Eddie was nice. It was a belated Birthday Dinner.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Blogger is S L O W lately

Blogger is getting really slow. I don't know why. It could be that the news is even boring blogger.

Well I survived turning 46. It wasn't pretty, but it was done.

People at work took me to lunch and much merriment ensued. So much merriment that I went home and slept until Eddie came home. Then he called for dinner and we watched a little TV. Ah the crazy days. I remember when I was younger and could stay out until 10 or 11 at night. And phones had these little holes in them. You put your fingers in them, and turned this dialy thingy magicy and then you got connected. And you couldn't go farther than the cord would let you. Really. You had to have your intimate conversations in front of everyone at the dinner table.

And CD's were made of this black plastic and the I/O reader actually TOUCHED the surface. It was called a "needle" way back... oh this had to be last century. You kids now adays.

When I was young, if we wanted to see an old movie - we had to wait until it played at a revival house. That's because they didn't have movies on DVD or even video back then.

Don't ask, I have no idea how babysitters handled it back then (I handled it with Valium, but I am assuming this was not a regular occurance). We had to go play inthe backyard (I don't know what kids in the snow did).

Anyway - I am 46 now. Did I say already. I forget things now. I try to remember, but it's all fuzzy. Speaking of fuzzy, TV reception in the old days was based on something called "an antena", and your parents would make you move it while they looked at the picture. Now this was before DVDs and Video of course... ah those were the- WHAT! Oh, I gotta turn on my turn signal here... I'll be back later.

SHUT UP YOU KIDS ... Geez, rude and their music sounds like NOISE

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Buy and Brand and Kill It.

So Kodak could not do online photos. They tried and blew it.

So they bought Ofoto.

No problem. They pretty much left Ofoto alone. They improved a few areas and all was right in the Kingdom of on-line digital photog.

And then, during a holiday week-end, the powers that be at Kodak looked upon the happy scene and were distressed. Why? Well, Ofoto was making money. People liked Ofoto. And so Kodak looked down upon the world and said, this is terrible. People must know that we, Kodak - king of the dinosaurs, run Ofoto. We now own all of your old photos!!!

HA HA HA. Laugh and tremble as we use your pictures gratis. Mere mortals you cannot escape us. Type in and be taken to KodakGallery - with nary a word of the change.

I am going to find another site to use just to piss them off.

Monday, March 28, 2005

A good week-end

I was torn on this entry. Torn by two options.

The first would be to question the National News. Eddie and I usually watch the news - and rarely have I felt so divorced from reality as this week-end. Are the people in wheel-chairs in front of Terri Schivo's hospice honestly afraid we are going to kill them next? Do I give a shit what Micheal Jackson says to Jesse Jackson on Sunday Radio? With the crap coming out of Washington do I really believe it when the White House says the everyone in the country really does approve of Social Security Changes?

I don't think it is just LA, or the West Coast, or the Blue States or anything. I think that the "news" is becoming nothing. Really, nothing of note or interest or discussion. Just a constant background hum while you do the dishes, make dinner or put the kids to bed.

I liked it when Gilligan's Island and I love Lucy where the background. I like it better when I play Friends in the background. I liked it better when used car commercials were the background.

But then I decided no, I am not going to spin in on some bad news death spiral. Instead I will note that we had a great week-end. This week-end, Bradly, Lynn, Gavin, Micky ,Eddie and I were in the desert and hung out. We spent a good-deal of it at Muffin's - having fun on Friday and playing water volleyball on Saturday.

The sun was amazing on us (Eddie got a little burned) - our friends were fun to hang out with and all the dogs (True, Hastings, Ashrod, Sammy and Jake) got along as well. The margaritas flowwed.

It was a big Dinah Shore Week-end in the desert. Which, for the TV audience, means the Nabisco Women's Golf week-end. For lesbians around the country it means PAR-TEE in Palm Springs. When we went to Muffin's (Terri) she had a gaggle of girls around the pool. We were there for 4 hours and I think everyone enjoyed it. The fact we all played water volleyball slowed the drinking down. The fact that there were boys and girls made us all be a little nicer and little less bitchy. It was GREAT.

And then there was the basketball. I wanted Arizona to win (so the Pac-10 didn't look like a conference of losers) -but they blew it. Eddie and I were ready for Wisconsin to be blown out, but they looked really good. North Carolina looked better, but Wisconsin did them-selves proud in my book. We will not mention UCLA - except to say once again - he isn't the Mascot of the Month for nothing.

However, note to self - We all play cards to win. Remember that it is a friendly game, but not a love fest baby :-).

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Pity the kids in congress

Well, I pity the kids in congress right now. I believe the 3-ring circus is almost out acts.

They have held big loud hearings about Steroids in Baseball - because hulking homer hitters are more of a threat to national security than ... say... Bin Ladan or North Korean Nukes or the ethics in business meltdown.

Then they all raced back to be on TV to denounce doctors, husbands, and courts and ordered Terri Schivo's bill. We can't pass a law regarding healh care in general. And the Justice Department prosecutes Medical Marijana as fast as it can (unless illegal immigrants are harvesting it). But Terri, she is their gal.

But now what? After April the Hard Work is done. The brackets are complete. What do hold hearings on.

I see a joint conference on clubbing seals. That should be looked at.

The parking situation in Petaluma is aching for tough long stare.

There will be gasoline hearings. At the end of those, the shocking, yes SHOCKING result will be that there isn't enough gasoline. And that makes the price go up. Damn you market forces! Well, clearly the oil companies need another tax break. I am sure they will pass it on.

Alan Greenspan, who said "we were all wrong on the effect of the tax breaks" has moved on to social Security and privatization. Hopefully we won't "all be wrong on that" too.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Birthday for Ron

It was little Ron's birthday last night. We all went out to Marix and had a fun time. What I remember of it.

And, you must admit it, he looks great for 40.

Is it me - or is life just getting freakkkkyyyy

I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. And so, I move on.

1) There was a story in the LA Times yesterday about Chimp un-employment. Apparently CGI is better now and they can computer in Chimps. The chimp training lobby is worried.

Let me say two things about that. 1- that is a good thing. We don't want animals scampering on stage for our amusement. 2) Did you not just read the story about a chimp ripping a guys face off? If I am Brad Pitt I am not thrilled about working with Spanky the Wonder Monkey.

2) So close.... LA's rainy season moved officially in to number 2 on the all time list with yesterday's rain. I hate the rain - but I want to beat tthe record. A conundrum.

3) Has Barette offically crossed the line into crazy?

4) Does my butt look big in these pants?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

How did the tragic story of Terri become political football

I wonder as I sit here, how the tragic story of Terri Schivo becomes a media and political football game. It isn't, it seems to me, a republican / democratic issue.

Then I read the Washington Post, the story quotes a Republican Memo on the talking points to be used.

An unsigned one-page memo, distributed to Republican senators, said the debate over Schiavo would appeal to the party's base, or core, supporters. The memo singled out Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), who is up for reelection next year and is potentially vulnerable in a state President Bush won last year.

"This is an important moral issue and the pro-life base will be excited that the Senate is debating this important issue," said the memo, which was reported by ABC News and later given to The Washington Post. "This is a great political issue, because Senator Nelson of Florida has already refused to become a cosponsor and this is a tough issue for Democrats."

Jesus wept.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Oh my goodness: a story and two pictures

First let me start with the white death. As we all know I do not like the snow. It scares me a little, but having seen this picture I can see why Sean likes it. Kids love to play in it - and it looks like fun. (But remember, kids like to play with matches too - so that doesn't mean it is safe.)

Second, a story.
So Eddie and fly into LAX yesterday (we were in New York for the week-end - Ed on business so I went out for fun). As we exit, we turn onto to the 105. But we can't. There is a big sign saying "Flooding". Now, Eddie and I both look at a cyrstal blue sky. It doesn't look like flodding, but okay. So then we get to the next on ramp, which goes up in the air. This is also closed with 2 CHP cars making sure you don't go on.
As we proceed to the next on-ramp, we look up, and a truck mounted camara is zooming down the 105. Flooding my ass. They should just say "Filming" on the sign. It would cause less worry.

Third, idiocy of the week. You must see this CNN story, where a store owner funds a image of Satan on the back of the turtle. The only turtle that made it through a store fire. A turtle named, really, Lucky. O...K.....

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Well, pcitures from Vegas and Jane

We had a great time with Jane about 10 days ago. Lynnie and I took here up to see the poppy's (it has been an amazing year). And we went on red nose day (it's a British thang).

Then Eddie and I took her to Vegas Baby. Where she won over $100 smackers at Craps with us. It was a kick.

If you want to see more - go to Ofoto.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

How Fun was Vegas?

Vegas was kick ass. We had a GREAT time. We saw the "Ka" show at the MGM. It was overwhelming. Actually emotionally overwhelming. It was great.

We took Jane to the Star Trek adventure and were chased by Borg. Fun by goofy. We drank on the Venice canals, we watched the roller coaster in New York. We pee'd at the best bathrooms on the planet (although those of you that remember the Quartz outhouses at the Mandaly Bay - they are getting a little old).

And then we all played craps.

And we all won. About 200 - 300 dollars each. It was a kick.

Oh yea, we ate Dinner in the Effial Tower. Yeah baby.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Extremely Unlucky Timing

I don't know if you people east of Palm Springs get the same type of news and commercials that we do. If not I would like to point out a seriously bad case of timing and luck.

CareerBuilder is a jobs site started by many newspapers to fight against and others. They have launched a brand new campaign (TV and Print) based on your current coworkers being idiot apes.

When was the first time I saw this commercial. One the news. What was the news story that directly proceeded it. Four chimps go wild at a Bakersfield animal sanctuary and maim a visitor. And, by maim, I mean chewed off all his fingers, ripped off a cheek and nose, bite off 3/4s of his foot. The sheriff noted that the man's testicles were found in a different area that he was (for the benefit of the girls readers of this site - every man who read that line just curled up a little and went OUCH!).

The next day, in the LA Times, there was the CareerBuilder print ad with the Chimps. And the Chimp attack story.

Like I said, bad timing.

An Amazing Show & An Amazing Site

So, as you might recall last September I choose Gregory Colbert as the mascot of the month because his pictures were so soothing. And I have one in my office.

On of the problems was that his show had only been in Venice. And, in Venice, it was in a 12th Century building used as a boat building factory (well not a factory because it was the 12th Centtury - more of a boat building site). Anywho.. the point was it was impossible to recreate outside of Venice. The space was... perfection.

So they have gone completely another way. The show is in New York for a while, and then in LA. But they have recreated the cathedral space in an odd way. First an interior picture.

Those are actually paper core columns. The building is made out of shipping containers. It is on a dock in New York and will be on the pier in Santa Monica later this year.

If you want to see the big version, click here: 24ashesbig.jpg

So if you get a chance to be in New York or LA when the show is going - you must see it. For the architecture (it is a famous architect from Japan) or for the pictures. {SM Update: the show is in New York through June. It will be in LA December 5, 2005 - February 2006. So if you Wisconsin peeps come out for the Rose Bowl it will be here. And in the Vatican sometime in 2006 - for those UCLA peeps that want to pray we get to the Rose Bowl again someday. Now you know.}

Monday, March 07, 2005

Hello Sun

So, the sun finally came out Sunday (which is kind of appropriate I guess). At least Ed's mom and aunt got to have a nice day in the warmth.

I like the sun, I hope it stays this week and week-end when Jane arrives from England.

It was a fine week-end. A lot of sitting around and jawing with Ed's mom.

Plus we finally got the nedw bed into an appropriate fung shei space and we slept better last night.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Anyone way to go see kenny Chesney in June in Vages Baby Vegas

Ronnie Roo, anyone. Kenny Chesney is in Vegas on June 10 (sold out) and 11th. I kind of want to see him. I love the album.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I guess one is at the end of the line

I guess that I am just at the end of my March rope already.

The Oscars suck (and they should be the last Monday in March - call me a traditionalist).

March Madness is about to begin, and UCLA might be invited to lose in the first round. That would be fun.

We do have visitors coming out and that will be fun. But I am in a funk now.

Work is so... worky. blah.... that's how I feel about it right now.

ps - it is really grey