Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Skank is engaged to a hot 27 year old shipping heir?

Okay, is life really this far out of balance? Paris Hilton - professional skank, rich skank, but skank non-the-less, is enaged.

I would normally get this. She is, after all, rich. And, judging from her videos, very bendy. So I can see a poor horn dog taking to her like a puppy takes to a old soiled pair of undies. But Paris Latsis?

a) He is not poor. He is the heir to a shiping fortune.
b) Clearly he has no problem getting laid. "Hi, I'm rich, 27 and hung like Jamie Fox." (I guess on that last one, but judging from her videos, Paris H prefers them big.)
c) He's cute.

So, as the kids say nowadays, "What up?"
Well, more power to her. She strikes me as what any guy, gay or straight, would be like if he was born rich and thin. And that is not a compliment.

Hey, we saw Madagasgar over the week-end. The main characters were okay. But the penquins and the lemurs. Over the top funny. Loved it!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Bruins win 97th NCAA Title

The UCLA Bruins hit NCAA title number 97 (still #1 in NCAA titles), this one in Tennis. UCLA came from behind (our favorite way) to pull out a win of undeated Baylor. Baylor had a 57 game win streak prior to this.

It is UCLA's first Tennis title since 84. The team is also made up of a bunch of Euroepans (an Austrian, A Pole, and a German amoung others).

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Congress is Very Busy - Do Not Bother Us (except with regards to Steroids or other grandstand issues)

Steroids. Does Congress really need to get invovled with Steroids and professional athletics? I mean we all knew Mark Mcquire was juiced years ago. Let's see

During the 1998 Season

Before 2001 Season (training camp)

But here is the $60,000 question - so what. I mean, yes it is unfair. But so are Dads building a kid's soapbox derby car, should Congress get involved with that? I blieve it is arguable that Steroid use in kids is a much biogger problem - but that isn't addressed.

Without a doubt, the problems of $8 Billion missing dollars of reconstruction effort in Iraq is more pressing (at least to those of us in Southern California where 12 hospitals have closed because they can't afford the un-insured patients, and leagally can't turn them away - $8 Billion dollars would have kept them all open ; possibly a better deal for America rahter than siphoning off the money to crooks in Baghdad).

But no. Congress has decided to address this. And John McCain is getting great press for it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Legendary Record Producer or Electroshock Victim

Poor Phil Spector. I don't know if the legend producer did or did not kill that girl at his home. I do know he is a little wierd having a "castle" in the suburbs - but you can chalk that up to not wanting to build in Hollywood.

But the hair. Phil, the hair. You can't really chalk that up to anything.

Hollywood on Parade

This Sunday, Eddie and I were up early and wanted to do something before it got scorching hot. So we went to the Hollywood Farmer's Market.

Like most places, once a week (in Hollywood it is on Sundays), they close a few streets and set up a little Farmers Market. I got a great Burrito for Breakfast. Ed got 3 frozen tamales (this lady makes the best tamales in the world!). We also got Chinese Brocoli (hard to find in the stores), avacados, white peachs, pistachios, dates and a bunch of fresh flowers. So far, so normal.

But the Hollywood Market is just SO Hollywood.

First, you see the occasional commerical / support actor, with his family (never Actresses - I don't know why).

You see a lot of yuppies with new strollers - as Hollywood is the hip place to live.

You see a lot of gay couples with sleaveless shirts. You see, a few years ago they would be shirtless and single. But now they are a couple, and have a little belly. So the sleaveless shirts still let them show their muscles, but hide their fat (I wore one myself - so I don't make too much fun).

Then there were a few sets of goths. Made up in 90 degree heat in full black and fishnets. I think they were on the way out of a club and stumbled through.

Speaking of clubs, some let out very late. So the early shoppers and the late partiers are both in line for Mexican or Jamaican food at the same time. The partiers tend to smell a little more.

Then there is some 6 foot tall drink of water on 7 inch pumps, in bright pink mini-skirt and crop top asking for a dollar for the trans-gender outreach house. I am not sure if this is a real hospice, or just this boy's way to make a living. The funny thing is that the kids thinks she is really pretty and ask for dollars to give her. Parents find it easier to give up the buck than explain the whole trans-gender thang.

So do I.

It is really quite an enjoyable morning - you just have to take it all in stride.

Friday, May 20, 2005

A tacky show a friend worked on

Well team, Laura (our little Laura from the UK), worked on a trashy US show. And we get a chance to see it before she does.

She was the make-up and costume person on "Kept" on VH1. Kept follows Jeri Hall (the southernest of southern tramps) as she tries to make one man presentable. She teaches him how to dress (and undress apparently), eat and behave like a gentlemen.

The men range from the good to the bad to the ugly. See below (and guess the order).

Butch much?

Sly Stallone's Mother wants her wrap back pronto!

"on the catwalk! I do my little dance on the catwalk."

I don't know how Laura "kept" her hands to herself (ba dum ba da). Catch them May 29th on VH1 at 9PM (unless your direct TV shows VH1 on EC time, then at 6PM).

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Score Internet 1 Everyone Else 12 trillion

But at least the Internet saves 1. NetFlix - who was suppose toget beat up by WalMart has officially won round one.

I am sure that WalMart will just buy them (and screw them up see example Ofoto = Kodak Gallery). But they didn't bend to the Evil W Empire.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Trouble in Paradise

I don't want to say Kenny has come to his senses, but I didn't see Ms. Zellwiger at the Country Music Awards, where the one Mr. Chesney won Entertainer of the Year.

I don't want to say I told you so, but it's over. Listen, if the brand new bride can't be bothered to show up to the awards show - well, you got trouble in paradise. Apparently she was "filming" but really, how many newly weds can't be bothered to show up for their new husbands Entertainer of the Year award.

I told you she was some bad news.

Not to rub your face in it, but I would have been there.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So congrats to Bradly

Our good friend Bradly is up, up and away (in faraway Toronto) working on a movie. He is a production account up there on some new movie.

But the congradulations part is with regards to his last job. Before he went up to play with Nanook and Company, he had his first job as a producer. This was on a TV pilot. There are a lot pilots that get made every year, but being called up as a producer on one was a big deal. It was his first producing gig and a big deal.

Yesterday, the series got picked up by NBC (it's call Inconceivable - and for my Brit friends, No - not based on the Ben Elton novel - which was quite funny). I don't think Bradly is going to work on the series (the production team changed), but he did a great job. A to get a series picked up by a network (even by NBC) isn't easy.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The new A3 and Scooter

Okay, here is the thing. I love a little hatchback car. I just do - shoot me. I love the Audi A3. To be honest, I have wanted an A3 for years. Since I saw it in Europe.

The new A3 in the US, blah - 4 doors, but still very cute.

However, I have been thinking. I think the truck is good for me. Not just becasue it is Butch and Cute, but because it fits my style. "Style" here being used loosely to define slob. I mean, a car is for carrying crap around. I got into trouble with Eddie's Beemer when I hit the concrete car stop at the MGM Grand. My trcuk, FYI, no problem when hitting a car stop. With the truck, if my U turn doesn't quite fit in the street, fine, I go up over the curb a little.

I think it is probably best I don't go back to a car that goes SSSCCRRAAAPPEEE everytime I am near a curb.


From Eddie:

My parents were out for a visit recently and brought with them several boxes that held memorabilia, letters, class work and general junk from my youth. I dug through it over the weekend and Scott and I had several good laughs. For example, my favorite color.....Periwinkle. Yes, and yet I didn't come out until I was in college. You'd think the folks at Crayola could perhaps step-up here and help with some kind of label that says "if you are a male under the age of 10, and your favorite color is periwinkle, you are gay." It seems pretty straight forward in hindsight.

Scott: My favorite was always Burnt Sienna. Because I didn't know what Sienna was, but I liked it when things burned.


From Eddie:

My parents were out for a visit recently and brought with them several boxes that held memorabilia, letters, class work and general junk from my youth. I dug through it over the weekend and Scott and I had several good laughs. For example, my favorite color.....Periwinkle. Yes, and yet I didn't come out until I was in college. You'd think the folks at Crayola could perhaps step-up here and help with some kind of label that says "if you are a male under the age of 10, and your favorite color is periwinkle, you are gay." It seems pretty straight forward in hindsight.

Scott: My favorite was always Burnt Sienna. Because I didn't know what Sienna was, but I liked it when things burned.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Canary Watch - Give me 2 minutes

Okay - canary watch time. Give me two minutes, then glaze over and move on - but this is big news - and it is unreported.

The Supplemental War Bond act was passed. Included in it was the Real ID Act. Included in the Real ID Act is a provision that this act is not subject to judical review.

Well ladies and germs, this is a real honest to god first. This is the first time that congress has explicitly said that courts have no juristiction over a specific law. It is, essentially, a test. Some people read the constitution to say that Congress can exempt a law from Judical (including Supreme Court) review. Some of those poeple have put a test case in the Real ID Act.

This is EXACTLY what Republicans suggested should be done to the Defense of Marriage Act. They could do this by simple majority, and then not let the Supreme Court ever review it. That allows a majority to essentially Amend the Consitution (preventing these laws based on a simple majority is why Amending the Constitution is so difficult).

At this point it goes way beyond fags. I mean, we are already dead meat here. But this - should it stand - is a step away from the America we grew up with.

Have a nice day.

War Funds act passes (RealID Act mentioned- CNN (no mention of rule change))
Details on the Bill (way too much)
Way to much nerdy detail on the whole judical thing

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bad Wednesdayss

Every second Wednesday the maid comes. Ed picks up up at the bottom of thehill at 8:00AM, and I drive her down after work.

But today Eddie is in New York. So I have both ends of the trip. No big deal. The dogs both wake up and want out at 6:30 - cool. My alarm clock is set for 7:15 - cool.

But my alarm wasn't on - Ed's was. His is set for 8:00. So at 7:50, the maid calls - she is at the bottom of the hill. Damn.

I throw on clothes run down and get her. I let the dogs out, but then they decide not to come in - so I gotta round them up. I run in and the phone has just stopped ringing. I look at the caller ID - My boss.

Suddenly I rememember I was suppose to have a meeting at 8AM with Poland. I leave the house at 8:20 - late late late. I get to work, but it is almost empty at 9:08. Cool - nobody knows what happened.

Then my boss' secretary reminds me that we have our monthly manager status meeting at 9:00 - and everyone is there and a little worried because I am never late. Plus my phone doesn't work (I got a new cell phone and therefore cell phone number - which I had left at Gavin's anyway so that makes no difference).

I walk into the meeting as we are on page 6 - which it turns out is my page -and I gracefully comment.

I mean it would be graceful if I had time to shower, comb my hair or catch my breath. But it could have been worse.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kentucky Derby Thoughts

Really Scott, you have thoughts on the Kentucky Derby? Why yes I do. I am a healthy, well-rounded guy.

So Ed and I are flipping channels waiting for something (I forget what) and we hit the Kentucky Derby right about a 1/2 hour before the race. Well, we are reading the paper anyway so why not watch it in the background.

You know the race - a horse came outta no where (like 18 lengths back) to win as the second biggest longshot ever to win. 52 - 1. Cool, it was fun.

So they show the trophy. Some Visa hack talks. blah blah blah, then they pan over to the California couple as they get the trophy. What!!! The California couple includes a haus-frau. Don't get me wrong, she is a pretty-ish haus-frau, but she isn't the nipped and tucked gal I would have figured a race horse owner's wife to be. I comment on this to Eddie and we both gawk.

Then they talk. This isn't the owner. This is the Governer and Frist Lady of Kentucky. the award the trophy to the California owners.

Ahhh... this is more like it. A big heavy rich guy standing with his wife. Everyone from LA knew this was the wife. Straight blond hair. Expensive spray on tan. Not a wrinkle on her face and boobs that could be used for a sun dial. She looked like his grandaughter. Yep, that is the California wife we know and love.

Speaking of wives and cheap trollops. Keney Chesney has finally realized he can't have me - so he settled for Renee Zellwigger. Sloppy seconds indeed.

Monday, May 09, 2005

So... a late Happy Mother's Day

So it is the day past Mother's Day (and yes - I did call my Mom).

It's hard to put into words how much my Mom impresses me - particularly since I know she reads this and I don't want to say anything embarrassing. But let me tell one story of how she taught me about commitment.

My mom's 2nd husband was a terrible person. Thee really is nothing more I wish to dwell on. Anyway, after a while I went to live with my dad because he and I could not be in proximity (that is within 3 states of each other).

Well, my mom divorced the SOB less than 2 years later.

She moved back to LA, and for me - it seemed awful. I loved my mom and I loved my dad and my mom's parents were constantly pushing for me to go live with my mom again and I was a freak about it. Literally, the phone would ring and I would run outside so I didn't have to talk to anyone. I refused to come to the phone.

After a very short while, my mom figured out what was going on. I didn't tell her, but she figured it out. When I went to visit her she sat me down. She said she was really glad I was happy with Dad. She said that if I ever needed her, I could call or write or come over. She said if my dad was an asshole - or things weren't just right - I was always welcome with her or with Zela (my dad's mom). But that no one was going to force any changes right now.

If you knew my dad (or know of the stories) you would understand how difficult this had to be. My dad was ... Interesting. But he was one of the interesting in a Dr. Phil kind of way. You know, "Today, on Dr. Phil, ex-husbands that sell pot, sleep with anything that walks and is a chronic liar" kind of way.

Not the kind of person that you want your kid to live with. But my mom knew I was okay with him and the tug of war (either real or - looking back - imagined) was killing me.

At the time I was thankful. Looking back now, I don't know how she did it. Well I do. She wanted me to be happy. That day she earned a lot of admiration from me.

And, to this day, my mom will call out of the blue or drop a note just when I need it most - even if she has not idea that something is wrong. It's great, plus it has the added bonus of freaking Eddie out a little (the whole telepathic thing is weird for him).

So - anywho - Happy Mother's Day. I learned a lot from you. Not just "a lot" as in wide, but a lot as in depth.

FYI - I also learned who NOT to marry.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Words of Wisdom

So I was in Ft. Lauderdale for meetings Wed - Fri. And I was thinking about Carson and Ursula. I love them and hope fo the best, so I wanted to give her a few tips about men. Understand these (and believe them) and you will have a long and happy marriage. Or a short and happy divorce.

1. Men don't change.
If you married him because he was a cute flirt that made everyone in the room feel good - he will do that after you are married. It doesn't mean anything. That is who we are.
Don't feel bad - you guys don't change much either and we aren't bitchin'.

2. Men are not complex.
When you say, "What are you thinking?" The answer in our brain is one of the following:
a. How did I screw up?
a.1 missed an important date?
a.2 what is the answer s/he wants?
b. What gets me back to watching the game quickest.
c. Does this mean I am not going to get laid tonight?
d. Wow the waitress has a great set of knockers - what was the question.

3. Men are insecure. We don't say it, but we know each time our pants size goes up, every grey hair, every time we finish and you say "It's alright - I don't need to tonight" and what the guy down the block makes a year.
HOWEVER, men will not say this. And most partners forget this. Do NOT ignore the obvious(I still think you're trim as the day we met, honey). Do NOT point it out (Yes, it's going grey, but you look good with it). DO pick out what turned you on when you met him and still does (Eddie has the most amazing smile in the entire world - that hasn't changed an ounce).

4. Men don't talk about their feelings, because they usually don't have a lot. We work, we come home, we watch the game (except me and Eddie, we watch Desperate Housewives - but it is the same idea).

5. When men get together - yes they do talk about you.
This is a result of 2 and 4. We aren't complex and we don't talk about feelings. What does that leave. Sports and broads (in my clique Ryan Seacreast and hair product - but it is the same idea).

6. He loves you.

7. He really - honest to god - does not CARE where we have dinner. Is it hot and deep fried? Aces.

8. When we do work around the house. It is not going to be complete, and the part we have done hasn't been done the way you would do it. Get over it. We are trying to help. Go back into the kitchen while he is watching a Bud Light commercial, pretend to spill a soda; THEN finsih cleaning up what we missed. Yes, I know it is standing water and lettuce leaves - but we don't see them.

9. (Releated to 8) at home - men are not so detail orriented. You didn't marry a homo (and news flash - we aren't all that detail orientated either.

Part of this was brought on by the wedding. I want Ursula and Carson to be as happy as me and Ed.

Part was brought on because, in Florida, I couldn't stop remembering how much I love him. He and I are both crazy - but 10 years in I wouldn't change a thing.
Well, I would be 20 pounds lighter - but that goes back to number 3.

My Eddie.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Curse's Wedding

Well, this week-end was Carson and Ursula's wedding. Carson is Ed's step-brother. It was a lovely drunken festival in Palm Springs. Luckily, the weather was good (rain threatened earlier) - so the visitors from the great white north had a good time.

The bride looked amazing. Ursula positivly glowed, and not for THAT reason. Just because she was so happy.

Carson looked great. I don't have the wedding pictures, but here is a picture of Carson with Don and Jo.

And, it was a fun week-end for all involved. Most of Carson's friends (including Dad and one brother) played a lot of golf and hung out. Sue and John brought the kids, who spent a lot of time in our pool - and on a jeep tour of the San Andreas Fault! Julie wore a peach top / bottom that her mother bought in 1968 in Hong Kong on her honeymoon - and she looked great. Lynn and the Muffin dolled up for the occasion. Sue got a new hat. And all the boys had - suits. Blah. Ah, well, weddings are for the gals anyway.

The pics are on Ofoto (I refuse to call it Kodak Gallery - but Snap fish didn't print as nicely so it is back to the Borg!).