Friday, March 31, 2017


It's a Silly System - I Get It - But It Still Is Batshit Crazy

Let's say you have a new show to open on Broadway. It can open at anytime. And, a very few, do open off times (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen).

But the great majority of the "big shows" open in this tiny window of March / April. The idea is that if you get Tony nominations, you can get a good run through the summer.  A number of breakouts have avoided this time, built a fan base and then won (the last 2 Best Musicals did this, "Hamilton" and "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder").

And I am not sure that the right musical needs a Tony to run all summer.

However, most follow the same old release pattern. Which means good shows get missed, and Scooter spend a ton in two months.  This is what has opened or will open (so is in previews) from March to the last day in April (Tony nominations are usually announced May 9th)....

Penn State Board of Trustee Alfred L. Lord has given us the price of Child Rape

Well, that is a nice closed subject.  Pennsylvania State University has put a price on child rape. Thank goodness we know.This is the price you have to pay AFTER you rape them. 

Penn State University Board of Trustee member, Alfred L. Lord has written a letter to The Chronicle of Higher Education, explaining that he is running out of sympathy for Jerry Sandusky's victims.

Of course, this is no real surprise. Last year Penn State football had an official "Joe Pa Day", wherein the entire stadium celebrated the man that knew one of his coaches was fucking a child in the locker room. But Jo Pa did tell Jerry to please knock it off - at least on campus.

That's the Jo Pa way.

So we know the "cost" of forgiveness for IGNORING the rape of children is winning football games. Now, luckily, the PSU Board of Trustees has given us a price for ACTUALLY raping them. It is somewhere around "7 figures".

I wrote the Penn State University Trustees at, asking what the official monetary figure was before the child of rape loses sympathy. And if there is a difference between raping boys vs. raping girls. And if the monetary figure is different if it happens at the University Football Stadium. I will be sure to let you know the answer.

The Penn State Alumni vote on the Board of Trustees - and I would appeal to their conscience, but I saw Jo Pa day on TV. And I only threw up a little.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Birthday Bette

So last night, for my birthday, we went to see Hello Dolly starring Better Midler.  And no, there is almost nothing more stereotypical "old gay man" than seeing Bette Midler on your Birthday with your husband.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Possible Win for Coal Execs - No Change For Miners

One of the big lies that Fox and Donald Trump sold coal miners during the election was that Trump would bring back Coal Mining jobs.  And so this week, with great fanfare (the greatest fanfare, no one does fanfare like Donald Trump, you will love all the great fanfare that Donald Trump gives) President Trump signed an executive order rolling back Obama's coal restrictions.

But not really.  And it won't bring back any mining jobs.

Before you think I am thoughtlessly dumping on the Donald, hear me out.

Obama's "War on Coal" was NEVER implemented.  All the proposed rules were stayed by the court. NONE of the jobs lost to date were the result of a "War on Coal". So Donald's fancy executive order (look at my bigly signature) actually does nothing except tell the EPA to change the laws that haven't gone into effect.

The mining jobs lost were due to (1) automation. Coal companies moved from mining (via shafts) to mountain top  removal. That is where you cut the top off a mountain to get coal, and you dump the "waste" after you chemical wash the coal out of the dirt.  That waste is then dumped into the valleys where they cause toxic chemicals to leach into water used by people down river.

However, the CEOs of Coal companies will do better. The actual laws Donald Trump as repealed allow for easier mountain top removal (not mining). AND allows coal companies to dump all their tailings and waste into rivers and watersheds (our new and improved EPA). So that will remove jobs, but increase profits.

The mining jobs were lost to (2) cheaper forms of energy, particularly gas from fracking. Fracking hasn't gone away, in fact the new EPA rules make it easier because you don't have to worry about any methane waste anymore. Because Climate Change isn't proven to the new EPA. So gas will just get cheaper and price out MORE coal.

The mining jobs were lost to (3) clean energy in China.  China used to import a shitload of coal. Now, however, China has invested a ton in moving from Coal to nuclear, solar, wind, etc. China - with no EPA - where we are going - is tired of having hundreds of thousands of people a year die from pollution.

I hate that the photo op used miners as props, when this will really only help the major companies by lowering costs and regulations, and with lower regulations actually employ fewer people.

So this will restore cola mining jobs in the same manner that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower (sorry "wiretapped") and 3million illegal votes were cast and that Trump University is a seat of higher learning.

Disdain vs. Distain

I wonder if it is the books I read, but I find these two words quite different and both useful. Yet the Grammar Police would have me believe one is no longer used (link).

I disagree. After the explanation I will use them both in similar sentences and you can see the difference.

The Count glanced at the thief with disdain before moving on.

The Count looked at the thief with distain, shuddered at the visage, and moved on.

Distain, you see, is a more active loathing, where disdain is more passively thinking "it" is beneath you.

This came up for me in writing a review for The Hairy Ape. He is looked at distainfully - yet this was flagged as incorrect and my electr4onic editor wants me to use disdainfully.

Nice Story About the Founder of Project 1948 (the non-profit I work for)

There is a good background piece on Dr. Jen White, the founder of Project 1948.  And the idea that giving the young people of Bosnia (and other war plagued places) a camera and someone to listen to them gives them a voice in the future and hope. (link)

Wishful Thinking! (turns out it was a bad headline)

I saw this "headline" today and thought, "Right. What would they need to reinvent themselves after winning the House, the Senate, The Presidency and a majority of the state houses?"

Turns out the actual article is that Trump needs to reinvent himself after his loss on healthcare (link).

Okay. Fair enough.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Fountain at JW Marriott Grande Lakes

Grande Lakes...

Doesn't that sound, dreamy.

It was a nice resort. With a great pool.

But my very very favorite part of the hotel was this fountain. It was gigantic with 3 panthers chasing water spitting iguanas. Here are some pictures, including one of me for scale....

That Picture Isn't As Cool As You Think It Is...

Kim Jong Un has a picture of himself explaining life to his generals. There are a few things wrong with the picture.  Let's take a "Highlights" moment and see how many you see:

  1. His pants seem to be very big, very long cu-lots. Unflattering.
  2. The buildings are quite empty - why would he people not live there? I say because living in a highrise with only 1 or 2 hours of electricity a day is pretty annoying. Photoshop in some bar-b-ques on the balcomies.
  3. General #3's notepad is too small.
  4. General #2 has to pee.
  5. General #1 already poop'ed his pants.
  6. The road has big commie-concrete cracks that were paved right before this picture - let them dry before the photo-op!
  7. Looks like the building on the right was badly photo-shopped  to infinity.
  8. What is coming out of the Dear Leader's head?
  9. The "Burnt Orange" highlights on the building on the left clashes with all the green on the other buildings  and with the dung brown uniforms.
How many did you find?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pity on Me

My dear dear husband has finally taken pity on me and delivered me, for a few days, out of this frozen tundra.

True, it is to the F state, but sun is sun right now.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Toilet Gestapo?

So I was at Present Laughter today.  by the way, very good. Kevin Kline is great, and Colby Smothers was very pretty.  All in all a great British drawing room comedy.

Kevin Kline (center) - Colby Smothers (in silver)

Anyway, at the interval I went  to the bathroom with a million other old coots.  Matinee, you know - enlarged prostates and all.

So the line goes down the stairs and at the bottom there is an usher directing traffic. Well this old f*ck (younger than me, but still old) cuts in front of me. Actually, he tries to cut in front of me.

So I hold up my phone, which I am typing on so he can't get in front of me. I don't look up but I say, "Nope. There's a line."

He looks at me and says "What are you, the Toilet Gestapo?"

I was mildly witty and responded "No, the Line Gestapo.  Behind me." But l thought of a million other things to say later.

On my way home I decided I do kind of like the title Toilet Gestapo though. It places like that it is necessary. If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

Saw War Paint Last Night

Last night I headed off and saw War Paint. It is the musical about the rivalry between Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden from the 30s to the 60s.
Patti Lupone and Christine Ebersol in War Paint
It was amazing to see these two women singing on stage. Their voices are both different and (justifiably) world famous. Christine Ebersol makes almost every song and lyric meaningful and vibrant.

Patti Lupone was, unfortunately, saddled with a Eastern European accent and is great enough to sing with it. Her songs were normally less touching, but when she had the heights to hit no one does it like Patti. That broad can belt it out.

The story itself was a little distancing. I mean, they hated each other, the were proto-feminists, they built companies and would have been treated better if they were men. Then the get old, lose their companies and fade.

In treating them as World Class entrepreneurs, the play gets its feminist credentials. In treating them like cat-fighting women, it gets is "real housewives" fan base. In casting Patti Lupone and Crhistine Ebersol, it gets a phalanx of gay fans. I would have preferred a little less marketing and a little more substance.

Having said that, it was a treat. And they can sing anything well!

The Boy Who Cried Wold

This is what happens when you lie about the previous administration and stick with the lie even after everyone (FBI, CIA, NSA, Great Britain, Republicans and Democrats) has said you are wrong, yet you keep on lying.

The start to question you on everything.  Even actual problems.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Liar in Chief

Our current President accused President Obama of an illegal act, wiretapping or ordering surveillance of Candidate Donald Trump.

Watergate was actually an act almost exactly like what Donald Trump accused President Obama of doing.

The accusation is a lie. Not false, not wrong. A f*cking lie! That is, a known untrue statement presented as true.

When confronted with this, he double downed and accused the British spy agency of doing it for Obama.

The Brits were justifiably peeved.

  • The Republican and Democratic Heads of Intelligence Committees in both the House and Senate have said it is not true.
  • The FBI has said it is not true.
  • The Department of Justice has said it is not true.
  • The Head of the CIA and National Security Administration said it is not true.
  • The British Spy Agency, with confirms nothing - called bullshit.

Yesterday President Trump said he didn't believe any of it and was still convinced that President Obama Wire Tapped him.

Even Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama admitted mistakes after this much.

Heaven Help Us All.

The problem is not that he is a narcissistic sociopath here. I mean clearly that IS a problem, but not THE problem here. The problem is that, as President, people all over the world depend on him to tell the truth. Every time the President is wrong, it hurts us. When he lies on purpose, then the blowback is preventable and will be horrible.

My Review of Lincoln Center's How To Transcend A Happy Marriage is up

meh ....

Transcending Marriage Has Its Own Risk and Rewards

How To Transcend A Happy Marriage, opening at the Lincoln Center’s Mitzie Newhouse Theater, is an untidy show. Beautifully acted and well signposted in the first act, the second act is a bit of a mess.
It starts with a friendly pair of married couples, Paul & George – played by Omar Metwally and Marisa Tomei and Michael & Jane – played by Brian Hutchinson and Robin Weigert. The ladies (George is a woman) have been friends since High School and are still close. Both have children now, Paul and George three younger children, Michael and Jane one teenage girl. They get together occasionally for dinner, drinks and the odd game of scrabble.
One such night, Jenna mentions a temp at work, Pip, who is a Bohemian in a polymorous situation, living with 2 male partners. She is an free spirit who will only eat meat she has killed, wears want she wants and lives a wild life. Some jokes, questions and mild titillation arise about Pip and her lifestyle. And so then the couples decide to invite Pip and her men for New Year’s Eve.
Omar Metwally, Marisa Tomei, Lena Hall, Austin Smith, David McElwee
Later, before George leaves for the party, Marisa Tomei addresses the audience directly, letting us know things take a bad turn. This admission plants a layer of expectation and dread before New Year’s Eve begins.
At the party, enter Lena Hall as the fascinating and sexual Pip, trailing her two male partners (David McElwee and Austin Smith) – smart, sensual and opinionated in their own right. The seven spend New Year’s Eve drinking, flirting, talking and eating hash brownies. Yeah, you know where this is going. Pip is a magnetic figure; eyes follow Ms. Hall no matter what she does. Her sexy rendition of “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain” is an oddly erotic tour de force.
Varying amounts of justification, guilt, acceptance and self-reproach, follow the sexual shenanigans. The discussions are, in varying amounts: interesting, redundant and self-indulgent. It is as if we, as a society, have sexually and emotionally regressed since the 1960s (or decades earlier if you happened to see Unfaithfully Yours at The Mint).
How To Transcend a Happy Marriage is, oddly enough, bound by a set of societal limitations that seems slightly archaic to me. The characters appear (to themselves) to be breaking beyond norms, but their actions as normative as possible in the situation. I would have expected no different conclusion had this been written during the Eisenhower Administration.
How To Transcend... is beautifully acted, particularly by Marisa Tomei and Lena Hall. But ultimately it leaves a frustrating taste in your mouth, a self-congratulatory Greenwich Connecticut flavor.
How To Transcend a Happy Marriage | Playwright: Sarah Ruhl | Director: Rebecca Taichman | Cast: Lena Hall, Brian Hutchison, David McElwee, Omar Metwally, Naian Gonzales Norvind, Austin Smith, Marisa Tomei, Robin Weigert

Monday, March 20, 2017


I spent yesterday and today on the road. I had an emergency in Washington and I drove down for the day and back up this morning.

I noticed many things on the drive and i shall share a few.

First, New Jersey still requires gas stations attendants to pump the gas for you. Now, while this is annoying often - on this blow through the state it was quite nice. You can stop on the toll road, pull up to the pump, tell them what you want and then go pee.

When you have returned they have filled your car, cleaned your windows and you give them a buck and you're on your way.

Second, the New Jersey Turnpike toll road seems to give you a license to speed. I set the cruise control at 81 and was passed very often.

Third, Maryland a very cool state flag.

Which the university has turned into a nice logo. 
I stopped at the rest stop to see if they had a t-shirt. 
They did not, but they had this hideous shorts. 

Ed did NOT get a pair.

Fourth: Open Joints.

Virginia has the occasional "Open Joints" sign. This does not refer to either a fast food dive that is open, nor is it a reminder to tighten your marijuana cigarettes.

I looked it up and it is actually makes sense and isn't over used.

Friday, March 17, 2017

(NTF) Condors in Northern California

The Yurok Indian Tribe in Northern California is working to reintroduce the California Condor to their ancient lands.

The bird was a totem to the Indians for generations before the last Condor along the Oregon / California coast border was killed.  That Condor was shot sometime around 1900 and is now stuffed in museum.

But the Indian Tribe has worked with the right authorities and will soon reintroduce them to the Redwood Coast.

Cool. (link)

(NTF) BNP Tennis Reception

Last week was the BNP Tennis demonstration at Madison Square Garden.  This s a yearly event, much of  it to go to various people's charities.
Lovely Llyeton Hewitt - laughing

I was lucky enough to go the welcome reception to see everyone be interviewed.

And I was restrained enough not to jump on Llyeton Hewitt.

This is 15% out of respect for Lleyton Hewitt and 85% respect the Ed would beat me around the head and shoulders if I embarrassed him at a work function.  But let's leave that 85% apart and applaud me for my restraint.


Lleyton, American Jack Sock and Aussie Nick Krygios. Krygios is charming in person - which is a shock because he is most certainly NOT charming on the court.

Chris Evert on the desk with (top row Juan Del Potro (Argentine that won the Olympics) and Ken Nishikori: Bottom row with Venus Williams and Andy Rodrick

It was kind of funny to hear Andy tell a story about watching Venus when he was still a kid and learning. Venus is the old woman (in the recent era) ever to be a Grand Slam Final - this year in Australia at 40 years old.  It looked for a moment that she might (good-naturedly?) punch Andy.

(NTF) Poor Tim Allen is Persecuted Like 1930s Germany

Apparently being conservative in Hollywood is just like 1930s Germany.

Because in Germany they gave enemies of the state $1,200,000 per week per episode to star on TV?

Apparently that whole Kristallnacht was different than the pictures.