Thursday, July 20, 2017

I thought this was kind of fascinating

Some group did a study of 3,000 topics.. blah blah blah.  This is what tops each states' "I hate that!" list.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Bow To No One in my Love for UCLA, but isn't "UCLA College" wrong?

I got an email - shown below - that references the Senior Dean of UCLA College.


"UCLA College" is University of California at Los Angeles College, which makes no sense. Now, I would get "College of Arts and Sciences" or "College of Music" - but just plain old UCLA College. What the hell?

Deal in the EMail Today

I saw this today in my Email.  It not San Francisco prices (or "Frisco" as they like to call it), but still annoying.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Kyle Dean Massey at 54 Below - With Video

He's a slip of a young man!

54 Below is one of my favorite venues, even with the late show starts and strong drinks (which I paid for the next day).

But on Saturday we saw Kyle Dean Massey. He is one of my favorite Broadway performers. I have seen him in a few shows where he comes into the shows late (yes I know I have brought this up before).

Below is a clip of him singing part of my favorite song, "I Miss the Mountains". It's all about a bi-polar woman who goes off her meds because she misses the rush. Between my grandfather and me, this song talks to me (smiley face, but also true).

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Finally! I saw Assassins

I finally got a chance to see Assassins. I have missed it a number of times. This was a City Center Encore show - which means very little staging.

It starred Steven Pasquale - one of my all time favorites, and Cory Michael Smith.  I was blown away by the "Balladeer" Clifton Duncan. Watch the number below from rehersals with Pasquale and Duncan. Great.

Monday, July 10, 2017

This is Just Crazy Ass Knee-Jerk

This is weird as fuck.

Aubry Plaza Week-End Double Header

Aubry Plaza is funny as hell, and will do anything for a laugh. The ruder the better.

We went and saw "The Little Hours" this week-end. It is a very funny, very dirty R rated movie that bandies the word f*ck around like it is hello. If you knew my parents, you would know why I find this funny, not offensive.  The red-band (aka - for adults only) trailer follows.

It is an odd little movie since it was based on an actual 14th Century book that essentially described the horrible life of nuns at the time. Many women were made nuns, not because of devotion to the church, but because there were excess women in some richer families and they couldn't afford dowries for all of them.
Aubry checking to see if Dave Franco is really a deaf mute
So these are 3 women that don't want to be nuns, washing floors, cleaning up after priests and generally stuck without men.  Now the language is not at all middle ages, and the "sciprt" was a 20 page rough draft with lots of cursing, but there was a sweet little story under all that filth. Go figure.

It is also funny that this raunchy ass dirty movie was produced by Aubry Plaza and other women, written by women, and directed by a woman.

Then, yesterday after my nap, I came out and was watching Eddie watching "Dirty Grandpa". I assumed for the nearly naked Zach Efron - which was the original draw, but a dirty college age Aubry Plaza hitting on Grandpa Robert DeNiro was pretty damn funny.

And now the (Red Band) Trailer for  The Little Hurs

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Day 7: Geysir

Geysir - One of the only Icelandic words to make it to English...

This is all of (except Eddie who is taking the picture) at Geysir. Then a sequence of Geysir errupting (big Geysir, not little geysir).

It starts (and happens every 8 minutes or so)


Friday, July 07, 2017

Last Week-end at Croton Gorge

Last Week-End Eddie and I went up to Croton Gorge. It was cool and shady and we could put our feed int he water, which I desperately needed.  It was nice.  Here are some pics.

Day 6: Gullfoss (Golden Falls)

This is Iceland at it's best - at least its accessible best. There is a grander waterfall (the one used in Prometheus), but it is in the north and not easy to get to.

On the upper left - that is a person!  The falls are huge
One of the really cool things about Iceland is they expect you to be an adult. There aren't usually much in the way of railings or warnings. They expect you to be able to take a hint and not fall in!


This is the front cataract.

Eddie and I in front of the cataract

Bradly NEXT TO the upper falls.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

You Remember the "Christian" Hobby Lobby - Don't You?

Ah the "Hobby Lobby"... This is the company that refused to pay for health care that included birth control because the company (the COMPANY!) was Christian. It went to the Supreme Court and they one. (LINK) It turns out that for 5 of the Supreme Courts judges that:
a. A company can hold religious beliefs
b. The company that hold religious beliefs can act on them
c. The truth of those beliefs was unimportant to the outcome*

Well it turns out that this Christian is a liar, thief, looter and war profiteer.

Hobby Lobby purchased 5,500 ancient artifacts looted from the war in Iraq via middle men. They were warned by their own lawyers it was probably illegal. The President and expert from Hobby Lobby (good Christians) went to the Middle East where they were warned against the deal. Before you say that maybe this was an honest mistake, they wired money through over a dozen different middle men. They never meet the "owner". They had the shipments from the United Arab Emirates labelled as being from "Turkey" (isn't "bearing false witness" a big no no?).

This is one of the "Turkish Sample Tiles" that Hobby Lobby both illegally.

Dear Hobby Lobby, thank you for the sample tile. I would like to tile my floor with these ancient writing samples.
Hey - if you're to call your self Christian and proclaim that you live by the Biblical Rules in denying health care to women, you deserve contempt as a liar, war profiteer and smuggler.  Hobby Lobby should go to jail. (LINK)

*In this case, the company believed that birth control lead to abortions. Expert testimony that this was not true didn't matter. A compromise to use only birth control that prevent fertilization (as opposed to inhibiting attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus) was also deemed "abortion" by the company - again not true as testified by evidence. But companies, in addition to being religious can, apparently, based their religious decisions on random facts made up by Fox News.

Day 5 of Iceland Pictures - Barnafossar

Ah.. Barnafossar..

A beautiful fall with a story to teach kids to be good.

The story is, there once were two bad little children. Their parents went to church one Sunday, but the children told their parents they were sick. So they stayed home.  Once the parents were gone, they went to the river to play on a rock bridge over the falls. A witch, upon seeing them and hearing their story dropped the rock bridge into the river and the children were swept away and died.

So... Go to church and don't lie to your parents.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

And Now For Something Nice, Patriotic and Non-Partisan

But You Are Blanche - You Are In That Wheelchair

July 4th's announcement by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confuses me.

Is this like not accepting Climate Change? I mean does the current administration not believe that North Korea has nuclear weapons?

Next maybe we should issue a notice we won't accept the sun rising tomorrow.

For Our Non-New York Friends

If you want a one picture explanation of why Chris Christie (failed Republican Candidate for President and current New Jersey Governor) is a ass, here it is.

In playing hardball over the budget act, Chris Christie closed the state run beaches in New Jersey over the 4th of July holiday week-end. But, because he can help being a bully, he and his family spent time on one of them that he closed.

This action did ultimately back-fire. He got a budget where he didn't get most of what he asked for, but had to agree in order to not look like the big fat Beach Grinch. The beaches were reopened for Tuesday, July 4th after 3 days of closures.

The picture was snapped by a newspaper reporter, that knows what a selfish SOB Christie is. He hired a plane and used a superzoom camera.

Day 4 of Iceland Pictures

Okay. we all know I am a little odd... Well, as Ed, Bradley, Lyn and I were hiking one day, we had to pass this little stream area. I was entranced. Probably because there is not much similar to this in Southern California where I grew up.

I love "alpine" sections of gardens and streams in gardens. This wild moment in nature thrilled me. The spell was broken as I was told to hurry up, but I loved it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Day 3 of Iceland

One of the cool things is just happening upon oddities. At this one stop, we were the only ones walking up to a random boiling area. It was just volcanic / hot spring activity in action. All in a semi-moonscape.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Day 2 - Obligatory Blue Lagoon Shoot

Everyone must go to the Blue Lagoon.  And you've seen it so much, you think - yeah, yeah.

But when you go, it is wonderful. Particularly if you go after you've been in Iceland a few days and love it.

Us in Icleand for Lynn's Birthday. The contrast between the cold air, the warm water, the harsh rocks and the lush feeling is almost indescribable.

The Iceland tourist shot (not ours). Kind of an overview.

Just some random guys (ok - Danish Gymnasts) goofing around at the Blue Lagoon (not my shot)

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Mascot of July: Iceland

To quote the Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride not the movie), "Iceland, say you? Aye, say I"

A daily picture of Iceland - most from our trips.

Day One
This is our picture of : Hraunfossar
Hraunfossar is a series of waterfalls formed by rivulets streaming over a distance of about 900 metres out of the Hallmundarhraun, a lava field which flowed from an eruption of one of the volcanoes lying under the glacier Langjökull. Wikipedia
And an Extra for the Side Picture: 
 This Glymur (from our pictures). It was the tallest waterfall in Iceland when we went.  It has now been surpassed by Morsafoss due to a glacier melting created a new tallest fall.