Thursday, September 29, 2005

Now this is Nincompooopery on a Grand Scale

The man nominated to taek Delay's place as Majority Leader, Rep. Roy Blount (seen here with Two-Tons-of-Fun-Hasart), has his own little problem. He has also paid money ($88,000) to the same team that was indited with Tom Delay. The inditment, by the by, is that Delay took funds from these good old boys, and then used that money to fund Texas elections. A violation of confressional ethics (a joke) - but also of Texas law.

So what gives? Can't the Republicans find a non-crooked front man. Well, yes they can. All the buzz yesterday was that they were going to elevate David Drier - a nice conservative Congressman who pretty much follows the party line. Right up to voting for the Defense of Marriage Act. Unfortunately, the rest of the country found out what we in Southern California have known forever. Drier, chairmen of the powerful rules committe, is in a long term committed relationship with a man. And has been for years and years.

Apparently following the party line, voting the right way, bringing the right bills to the floor and actually voting against gay rights isn't enough. You can't be gay at all. I would understand this if they didn't allow - say divorced men to have positions of power. Or men that divorce their wives on their deathbed, to marry the secretary they have been having an affiar with (you know Newt Gingrinch is making a comback lately).

Really - Nincompoopery on many levels.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just so I get this straight

The party of "morals" has the following problems;

The Republican House Majority leader, Tom "the Hammer" Delay has been indited by a Texan Grand Jury for consipacy charges. FYI - You will hear a lot about this being a paratisan attack. That is bullshit, this man has prosecuted many more Democrats than Republicans (see this Houseon Cronicle endorsement.

It might seem funny that he wasn't brough up on campign laws. Funny because the man would would have to follow up is a Republican official to whom Delay financed. Funny in that sad sick way of politics.

Thank god the Senate is better.

Maybe not. The Senate Majority leader, Bill "I can see Teri Schivao is an active adult from here" First is under SEC invetigation. Seems he is a doctor and owns a LOT of stock in a Health Care company. Sorry, owned. He sold his, conviently just befor bad news was announced and the stock price dived. He says he did it to avoid conflict of interest.

His family also sold all their stock, although I have yet to hear about a conflict of interest they have...

I assume there will be a spectacular change of subject from the White House any minute.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Curiouser and Curiouser

When did real life start imatating "The Surreal Life"?

This is a headline on CNN - Playmate Appeals to the Supreme Court

One may ask the question, "So?" I am sure Judges Kennedy and Souter are men like any other, so of course the a Playmat would appeal to them. And Judge Bader-Ginsberg - she has to sit in for 2 other minorities anyway... what's the big deal?

But no. The headline does not refer to the Sexual Appetites of the Supreme Court (although it does not DISPROVE a prediliction towards big busted blonds either). The headline refers to the fact that the Supreme Court is going to hear Anna Nicole Smith's lawsuit.

As you may know, I think she deserves a few million for boffing the 90 year old guy - and not killing him during sex. But the Supremem Court? Really? This is the same woman who had a reality show on E. This is the same woman who humped a pillow on a stranger's bed while looking at houses to rent. Does she get to go to the trial?

Bad Ads Versions 1 and 2

Horrible Ads (and these are scarily similar to the billboards). You know in LA there are billboards advertising movies / tv all over. They are mainly vanity projects. I mean the stars insist they go up so they can see that the network is "doing something" about promoting their show - regardless of how crappy it will ultimately do. Well here are two of the worst. Really the worst.
Example 1: Ambulance Girl!

Hello scary picture. No wonder the husband sleeps fully clothed in bed. Would you want this wild eyed crazy woman popping up in bed next to you. As for Ms. Bates, her eyes betray the odd mixture of fear ("I have to go and face possible death"), annoyance ("God, can't they get in a car wreck in the middle of the day!") and excitement ("Maybe today is the day Denzel needs mouth to mouth").
Example 2: Just Legal

Okay, I am going to give the WB the benefit of the doubt - maybe they just didn't know what they were doing. But I was a little afraid that Don Johnson was doing gay porno when I first saw this picture. I mean come on... if that was Kathleen Turner leering at the young man getting dressed, it would be a SkinAMax event. And if that was Mary Kate Olsen getting dressed under the title "Barely Legal" - it would be a Playboy event.

And if Don Johnson was Michael Douglas and the boy was Catherine Zeta Jones, it would be a Wedding Invitation... ha ha ha.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Joke- From Gavi..

From Gavin...

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing. He concludes by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed."

"OH NO!" the president exclaims,"that's terrible!"

His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the president sits, head in hands.

Finally, the president looks up and asks, "How many IS a brazillion?

Today's stupid post from the right (and refuted).

Happiness is (Back East Edition):

Happiness is beating Michigan at Barry's last came against... THEM.

Wisconsin 27 Michigan 23

Friday, September 23, 2005

Of course they're Trucks! They're Texans!

So I am reading a variety of liberal web sites (I read both liberal and conservative everyday - keep your friends close and your enemies closer). Well, every now and they liberals are idiots. Today somebody noted that in the pictures of cards waiting for gas or waiting to get out of Houston they are all, (giant surpised intake of breath here) Trucks! No wonder we are running out of gas.


Come on, I am a big-ass liberal my self, but is this news? Texans like Trucks? Guess what, straight boys like a nice set of knockers and gay boys think Brad Pitt is dreamy. The best selling food in Mexico is Mexican food. Snowmobiles sell better in Wisconsin than they do in LA!

Trucks... Geez. And SUV's. I have idea, let's think this through. I am fleeing a Huricane. I have an SUV at home and a Honda Civic. Which one do I take... Hum... this is a tough one.

Come on people. If you make stupid retorical pionts they are not going to listen to you when there is a real point.

FYI- when the big one hits LA, we are all piling into the 4 Wheel drive Truck.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

From Salon...

For those of you that don't have Salon...

As we reported yesterday, House Republicans have another way to come up with the money: They want to carve $500 billion in spending out of the federal budget. How would they do it? Their "Operation Offset" plan is online (Scott's add: The Congressman has pulled this now) now, and it it's full of brave talk about the "tough choices" that will be required in these "tough times." We'll acknowledge that some of the choices listed therein are, in fact, pretty tough: If you don't want to roll back tax cuts for millionaires, you're going to have to tell Republican Rep. Don Young why he can't have his $200 million bridge to nowhere and America's seniors why they need to wait an additional year for help with their prescriptions.
But somehow, we get the idea that the House Republicans' plan isn't quite as painful -- for them, at least -- as they'd like to make it out to be. Like the
Heritage Foundation, the House Republicans apparently see in Katrina an opportunity to advance some of their favorite policy goals and make some cuts that won't exactly bring tears to the eyes of the religious right or the corporate interests who support them. Some examples:
The Republicans would freeze funding for the Peace Corps, the Global AIDS Initiative, U.N. peacekeeping operations and a wide variety of third-world development programs; eliminate the EnergyStar program, eliminate grants to states and local communities for energy conservation, reduce federal subsidies for Amtrak, eliminate funding for new light-rail programs and cancel the president's hydrogen fuel initiative; eliminate state grants for safe and drug-free schools because "studies show that schools are among the safest places in the country and relatively drug free"; and eliminate the teen funding portion of Title X, which provides "free and reduced-price contraceptives, including the IUD, the injection drug Depo-Provera, and the morning-after pill" to poor teenagers.
Along the way, they'd find a way to punish -- or simply eliminate -- some of their enemies, real and imagined. They'd cut funding for the District of Columbia, eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, eliminate subsidized student loans for graduate students, terminate the Legal Services Corporation, eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and kill the National Endowment for the Humanities.
Of course, you can't balance the budget on the backs of PBS viewers, grad students and other outside-the-mainstream liberals alone. So the Republican plan also calls for "rational reforms to Defense and Homeland Security." Does this mean cutting weapons systems at the expense of big defense corporations? Well, no. But it does mean closing schools for the children of soldiers, cutting grants for local responders and offering National Guard members the "option" to purchase a less comprehensive healthcare plan.
We've all got to do our part. Or at least 99 percent of us do.

I guess it is good that the worst wasn't that bad...

I wanted to say the worst thing about the Jet Blue malfunction yesterday was that the people on board the plane all have DirectTV - adn so watched it all on Fox News (the local Fox team had a helicopter and the local Fox Radio has a ton of them for traffic - the pcitures were beamed to Fox News - which Cirect TV carries).

In retrospect, the whole watching it on TV would freak me out. But, by the same token, it was the worst thing because the plane didn't crash. Good for the crew.

And what kind of AirBus dog-ass-plane doesn't allow you to dump fuel. Hey-Seus, pay the extra $1.29 for the hatch you cheap Frogs.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thunder and Lightning.. Oh My

Well last night there was Thunder and Lightning. To have it in September is just wierd. September is our hottest month. The average rainfall is like.. zero inches. September is when we burn burn burn - so it was an odd occurance.

A side-effect of this rare event is the running of the dogs. Neither Ashford nor Hastings were particularly thrilled by the Thunder and Lightning. They spent a lot of time awake and annoyed (which, perhaps not surprisingly makes us awake and annoyed). We thought they had to pee, but no. They just stood outside until we rustled them in.

The puppy, by the way, slept with no problems.

And I always think of it as Thunder and Ligthning because on the way out to the desert there is a yearly PowWow at the Morongo Reservation (the one with the Giant Casino). The PowWow is always called, Thunder and Lightning.

Affirmative Action for...

Affirmative Action for well connected White Women (a real need in this administration). Julie Myers has been appointed head of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. A department with a $4 Billion (with a B) budget.

The pert Julie is not unknown in Washington. She recently married the head of Homeland Secuirty's Chief of Staff, and her Uncle is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Myers.

Your tax dollars at work!

She admits that she has no experience managing a large organization, but she shows a willingness to learn. Her exact comments from the Washington Post.

"I realize that I'm not 80 years old," Myers testified. "I have a few gray
hairs, more coming, but I will seek to work with those who are knowledgeable in
this area, who know more than I do."

At least I think that indicated a willingness to learn. It might also indicate an attitude of Screw-You-My-Uncle-Will-Bomb-Your-Ass-to-tomorrow-if-I'm-not-approved. But that might just be me.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Happiness is:

UCLA 41 Oklahoma 24
Here, Andrew Baumgartner, a Junior that isn't even in the Media Guide or depth chart celebrates his first touchdown catch (and I think his second catch as a Bruin).

Fun Fundraiser

So yesterday we went to a fundraiser for the Task Force at the Belage in Los Angeles. It was such a gay / Hollywood LA day.

First it was held at the Belage (where the Prom was held in Beverly Hills 90210 and poor Tori Spelling got really drunk and wanted to lose her virginity). And it was described as "California Casual", fyi - many of these sad boys did not get the memo on what constitutes "California Casual". I was afraid I was going to be bombarded by Huaraches and Caftans - but thank goodness that look left us when Allan Carr departed this world. (A fine man, a heck of a party thrower, a good movie producer, but a horrible dresser).

No the look was more... eclectic. There were the two boys in off-white paints, with multicolored stripes down the legs (NOT a good look), the boys in the black muscle shirts in the 85 degree heat (good look until they started sweating - a lot), and the beefy bar backs in the sleaveless white Ts (never a bad look). There was the older guy in brown leather pants (in the sun- he melted and the pants got bagy-ier and bagy-ier). There was the gym man who was like 6'5", HUGE muscles (like way overly huge), a silk shirt stretched way out to fit him and a nose ring - 'cuz that is a look! Bruce Vilanch was there - looking exactely like he does in the picture - but the t-shirt was blue.

I did, ultimately, see the Huarache look - and nudged Eddie, but it turned out it was only a larger woman in haram pants, not the Allan Carr wanna be. Where have all the tasteful men gone?

Downstairs, we heard some cool people talk. The producers who did Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - and also got an Oscar last year for The Fog of War about Vietnam. They spoke (and were introduced by Carson from the show). The two other honories were amazing community activitists (one introduced by K D Lang). And, Antonio Villagarsio - the LA Mayor, spoke. It was way cool to hear them.

The event proceeded briskly as many in antendence were on the way to the Emmys. Litterally, at the end of the event they said, "Okay, those of you up for Emmys - good luck. Those of you just going - have fun." They said this because most of the Emmy's were given away last Sunday and so there were people who had already lost (include the two producers).

Afterward, Ed took me to Lynn's to pick up the truck, and throughout the hills, you saw Limo's waiting to take people to the Emmy's. It was funny and cool. And so very LA.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fraud - Oxford Dictionary

Fraud defined as; "I can't compete .... he still waits for Scott to call."



So you might be wondering about the timing of the new puppy. Why now? Well, there is a very good reason. And - knock wood, so far it seems to be working out.

You see Ashford and Hastings have been together now for 15 years. They have never really been alone. And Hastings is/was getting old. Ashford ain't no spring Chicken mind you, but Hastings goes through phaes where you worry he won't make it out of bed in the morning.

So we thought that this was a good time for the puppy. The puppy could learn from the boys - and bond.

It has turned out well, the puppy gets along well with the big dogs (odd that Ashford and Hastings are now big dogs). In fact, he has livened them up a lot. Sometimes happily - sometimes annoyedly - but in any case he has forced them to play a lot more.

As you can tell, when Hastings has had enough, he plops an arm over the kid and goes to sleep.

Republicans Declare Victory Over Budget Fat

Well well well...

Apparently I missed it somehow, but those of you who are Republicans will be happy to know that you have cut ALL the fat out of the budget. Sure, you have increased spending at all levels (even when you pull out the war, and homeland security, and defense, AND Social Secuirty) by an astronomical 23% since 2001. And the budget, budget growth, budget gorwth % are all higher than they were under that free-spending Deamon Clinton.

But, smoehow, you have won. Tom DeLay - the Republican Head of the World told us so:

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said yesterday that Republicans have done so well in cutting spending that he declared an "ongoing victory," and said there is simply no fat left to cut in the federal budget.

One wonders, a la Lewis Black, where one can get the product, that would make one sooooo delusional. Because I want a script for the those bad boys, tooooo.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I actually feel a little bad for Ah-nuld

One must comment. It is with both happiness and sadness that I note that California legislature is the first in the US to pass a gay marriage law. It passed both theAssembly and Senate. And normally, Arnold would sign it.

Earlier in this whole thing (back when he was running and on Jay Leno), he said that the mayor of San Francisco shouldn't be authorizing weddings, it was a job of the legislature to pass these kind of laws. In fact, that is what pretty much every Replublican has said. It isn't the judges job to legislate from the bench - the legislatures make the laws.

But Politics screws with all. Arnold is actually pushing a few measures in a special November ballot. These include limiting budget growth, and a move towards re-districting to take it out of the hands of the politicians. I agree with both actually (in 2004 not one of our 51 House seats or ANY of our State Assembly or Senate seats changed parties - they draw totally safe districts). But, here is the rub. Arnold has to get out theRepublicans to vote for the measures.

The Republicans aren't going to get out and vote the way the governer wants who just signed a Gay Marriage law.

So Arnold's aide has stated this (even Arnold couldn't say this with a straight face (no pun intended)), "The governor believes that this issue should be resolved through the iniative process or resolved by the State Supreme Court."

Oh well, Scott says. I can't be mad, because it does no good. But again - I say good for the California legislature. So I can't be mad at him really, I understand the way the world works. But I can hope that Maria knees him right in the nuts.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dawson's Creek in Fast Forward

You know, there were a few years when Dawson's Creek was fun and interesting to watch. I liked it, Eddie liked it. It was just a kick.

Well, there is a new fun show - called Reunion. And the really cool thing is the pace. It is kind of a Dawson's Creek murder mystery - but it follows 6 friends from high school. And each episode is a year. So it moves.

In episode 1 (1986), there was a drunk driving / manslaughter incident, a pregnacy where a girl was knocked up by her boyfriend's best friend (they were on a break) , a plea bargin gone wrong forcing an innocent friend to the slammer, a high school trollop sleeping with a teacher - only to rebound into the arms of the loser virgin who always loved her - only to have her go away to Hollywood while he went to MIT.

Kids - it zips along. And the cast if very cute (Lisa - I know you have a thing for Will estes from u-571 (your favorite WWII movie in which we tell the real story about the Engima capture)).

Nice Week-end

Well, this was a nice week-end. Jocyln from Xerox / Canada (although she and her husband now live in Rochester New York) was out for a trade show - and she spent Saturday night with us. She was enamored of Trevor (but who would not be) and she took pictures. I must include one below:

Eddie made a new album just of his pictures - I will send it out, but Eddie will continue to add pictures I am sure.

Else, all is pretty good. The three of us had a great dinner at White Lotus, and then on Sunday morning we went to the Hollywood Farmer's Market.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Quiet - because ... well just because

So I am surprisingly quiet here. I know that. For me, the frantic political games blame in New Orleans are painful. For me, the fact that our President or anyone in his administration can't say "whoops we screwed up" is so infuriating that end up I can't ge funny about it. I come across looking crazy. (And the Senate and House are no better in my mind).

It was annoying, then madding in Iraq.

It is heart breaking in New Orleans - where blame has been spun by everyone in government. The mantra is "we will find out what happened here, later." I am not saying Clinton's team (or Regan's or Bush1's) would be any better. Just that it is heartbreaking to see homeless, scared broken hearted people in Houston being feed by Meican Army emergency vehicles while our government twidles. It is freaking me out.

I don't understand why we have a teleathone for this. This is what the government should do. Have a teleatheon for Iraq.

And, finally, living in Los Angeles - you have to wonder how screwed we would be in this situation. I mean California has gone through a ton of earthquakes, and our preparedness (at the state level) seems a lot better than Ljouisana's was. But the Northridge quake was handled well and quickly by the state with quick help from FEMA afterwards.

If the government treats state populations that voted for them like they are treating the people of Louisana - then heaven help us all in the bljue states.

Finally, last night on NBC news, a government official (I don't remember who - I want to say Cheney because I hate him, but I think it was someone else) was talking about the good news that at least much of the oil facilities in New Orleans were uneffected. Could he hold off on that good news until after the floating bodies have been picked up.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not just the poop-sters are old

So the puppy. The puppy is cute.

The puppy is 24/7. Holy Moly, I have no idea how I ever did this with 2 puppies. He is so full of energy and playfullness he wears you out.

Thank goodness there are all of us there. He takes on Eddie first (he is like a cute little baby Duck imprinted on Ed). When Ed gets tired, he goes after me. When I get tired he goes after Hastings or Ashford. He will just run around, bark, throw things... anything to get them to play.

If all else fails, he will leap up into the air and land on their heads. That will usually provoke at least a quick game of catch.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

LA City and Country Teams in New Orleans

Well, I like this info. Apparently LA City Fire Depoartment and LA County Sheriff's sent their swift water search and rescue teams to New Orleans right after the Hurricane (without waiting for requests from local, state or federal bureacrats). They have saved hundreds of people.

For those of you that think this sounds odd, Los Angeles is technically a desert. But it also very high and hilly (there are 7,000 foot mountains in the city limits). When heavy rains occur two things happen, Mountain creeks become flash flood zones and the city has very little seepage areas (most of the level parts of the city are concrete). That is why we have these huge concrete rivers - they are designed to move water as quickly and safely out to the ocean. We also have, scattered around the counties, about 9 massive flood control basins you would never notice.

Well, the waters rise REALLY fast in the concrete rivers, and childern, cars and animals are always swept into the river. LA, both city fire and county sheriff departments have highly experienced and well staffed swift water teams.

That they are in New Orleans saving people makes me happy. And it makes me happy after a week-end of horrible news.

I won't say anything about the boobs running the show back east (anywhere east of the Rockies) - but I am glad my tax dollars have gone to something good.

This year we are figuring out a way to thank them (and by we - of course- I include you).

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Trevor is cute as hell

Trevor - he is so cute.

Mascot of the Month - My Ashtray

Okay - I know it is really wierd, but I will tell you the story.

After my parents divorced (or - as my mother might say; after the bastard finally got out of the house), I think my mom and I were kind of poor. I mean I didn't fell poor or anything, but she had to work nights in a Card Club as a cocktail waitress. That doesn't sound like the greatest job.

Well, one of the fun things we would do each week-end was walk to the pottery store. Gardena was full of Japanese (post interment they re-settled them in Gardena). And some of them made amazing pottery.

My mom smoked, so we would every now and then by a cool ashtray.

About 18 years ago I saw this ashtray in a resale store. I loved it. I actually bought it for a date as a Christmas present (Yes, I dated a smoker!) and he said, "You know, you really like this. And I don't. I think you should keep it." It sounds heartless, I know, but 17 years later when Ronnie Roo dated him, the idiot dumped all Ron's clothes in the front yard of his house after a fight! At least I got the ashtray.

Well I have kept it ever since. And Eddie hates it. But he let's me keep it. He's a good boy.

I think about that now with the Hurricane stuff. My mom and I didn't have shit - but we had each other. Sometimes that is all you need.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Grading on a Curve

Our President, after 5 days of death, destruction, looting and having over 25,000 people in the Super Done with no electricity, working restrooms and not food - has gone on TV today. For the first time in 5 days, someone from this administration says the current results "..are not acceptable."

You and I might think that is an generous way to describe it.

But apparently our Media is so craven to the Dear Leader that this is a major announcement. Really, read the 2nd Headline!

I wish my teachers graded on such a sweet curve.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

True was lost and found

So, over the past few days, True (Lynn's Pup) escaped from the dog walker. She, the dog walker and L Ron have been searching high and low. Everyone feared the worst.

Well today a family in Encino called and they found True.


My Boy Does Well at the Open

Rafeal Nadal who his 1st and 2nd round games. And all the while wearing a sking tight blue Nike shirt. Which must be very hot (the only reason I bring it up).

H. Katrina

So, I went a little crazy yesterday about the government response to the Hurricane. Sorry. It is just heart wrenching to see the devistation and pain and to see our government so deaf and/or slow to respond to our own people. And it is killing me that no one is calling the powers that be on this. Talking heads that pound everything that Democrats / Liberals / Californians (listen to them) do, won't even politely request that the Republicans get off their ass.

Ed and I have already given money to the support efforts, but I really think our government should have stepped up to the plate. But that is me - I won't go off here. Luckily, both GE and Citibank are matching 1 to 1.

If I could help at all, I would drive a bunch of crap there, but I think the problems go beyond loading up the truck with supplies and rolling out. I feel a little helpless.


The big ball!

Trevor has the big boy ball now.