Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Heat Bulds

Yes, while looking at the hideous forecast (hot, getting hotter and more humid - thank you Satan), I noticed a typo. Me. Because I thought maybe bulds was something I didn't understand.

So, Thursday is "Too Hot to Handle", Saturday is "No Relief". Wednesday, "Heat Bulds".

Monday, July 30, 2007

Iraq Legislature on a Month Long Vacation

Okay, so the preliminary report last month said the Iraq Parliament hasn't reached their benchmarks. Fair enough. They have until September to meet the benchmarks that the BUSH ADMINISTRATION SET. Not Democratic benchmarks, administration benchmarks.

And so Dick Cheney was sent to Iraq to kick some ass and take some names. Iraq gave Cheney the attention he so richly deserves. Iraq Legislators went on vacation.

Of course, a lot of Americans can't afford to take a month long vacation. And 120,000 or so Americans will be busy during that month long vacation taking bullets for the legislators. But hey, that's the breaks.

So it was a two-fer. Iraq isn't going to meet our benchmarks, and the "law-makers" aren't going to stay in the city - because, well - except for the American troops, everyone wants to get the hell out or kill each other.

But!!!! But!!!!

What do you want to bet that the General David Petraeus is "Optimistic" (July 12, 2007)
"Huge Progress" is being made in training the troops (Nov 5, 2005 <-2005!!!)
Patraeus might see "SOLID PROGRESS' IN IRAQ" (March 21, 2005)

or maybe

"But what I would say is that there has been enormous progress just in the seven or eight months that we've actually been recruiting, training, equipping and employing Iraqi security forces. Huge progress." (March 1, 2004)

Seeing the friends in PTown

So, like I said we went up to Provincetown (on Cape Cod) to see friends. Some of our friends from Los Angeles go to Provincetown every year. This year Eddie and I with Paul and Randy (friends from New York via Los Angeles (and Iowa)) went up to say hello. We didn't stay long (2 nights) but it was great to see everyone.

This shot was taken by a very nice husband and wife -who then sent it to Steve T. As you can see a lot of or friends were there.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Two Shoes this week-end

Well, it was a big week-end for shows. Thursday..

So, on Thursday night we saw Spring Awakening. It was a really lively musical (although Ed thought there was too much deadness for it to be calling "lively"). It was about a group of young men and women coming to terms with their sexuality. I loved it. I don't think it should have won the Tony for Best Musical this year, but I liked it.


We went to see "Curtains" with Gail and Mike (Ed's old boss and his wife). David Hyde Pierce won the best Actor in a Musical Tony for his role and he was very very funny. It fit everyone's needs. Gail wanted something fun. Ed wanted something toe-tappy. Mike wanted something... he didn't know what. I wanted something I hadn't seen. It was really fun. It is a new show, but it seems very much like a revival. It was fun.

Lots of visitors this week-end. Mike and Gail are here. Suzzane had dinner with us last night and brunch today. And Ed and Mike's old work partner Dianna Schutlz had brunch. They all trashed Lisa P., because she didn't bother to come.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hence "Postal"

So I go to mail something at the Post Office. Now our post office is next door and very good. Good because they have a self-service kiosk where you weigh and mail your packages. You can also buy stamps. You can also request information on different mail schemes.

You can do almost anything.


You know what you can't do? You cannot enter the tracking number from a delivery slip and have that item automatically delivered to you - as if by magic. You see, you dunderhead, this box magical makes packages disappear, not reappear. And, no matter how many times you enter the numbers (twice before I said something and twice more after I said something) the package can't pop up out of the kiosk. It was clever of you too look in that tiny 2 inch wide area behind the kiosk where the plug goes, but it wasn't there either was it?

I shall return later today and hope his package has appeared - I left because I think my brain was about to explode.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Legally Blond: Stuff of Legend

So, I was totally listening to the soundtrack of Legally Blond when I was doing cardio (yes Lisa, your's in on its way), and it spoke to me.

Elle follows her love to the East Coast and finds herself.

First her parents don't understand

Yes! The East Coast is foreign:
There's no film studio
It's cold and dark,
No valet parking
All the girls have different noses - -
Christ! Button, it's like the damn frontier!
Tell me what's out there you can't find here.

And she says love.

Of course, it is no analogy since she moves to the East Coast and dumps the guy and I plan to keep the Ed-ster - but it is a totally fun soundtrack.

Fox News: If you against the President, you're a Democrat

Fox News has decided that Arlen Specter (Republican Senator from Pennsylvania) is to be on the shit list. He questioned Bushie's Attorney General, so he must be a Democrat.

In case you think this is "just a mistake", let's look at others that Fox tried to say were Democrats. There was Mark "Party in Your Underaged Pants" Foley. He is misidentified a few times - way past "honest mistake". He was, by the by, a Republican from Florida.

And here.

And then there was the case of the incumbent Senator, who was losing his race. Lincoln Chafee is a Republican, but he was losing - so he must be a Democrat.

Well, we could go on, but why? Once is a whoops (Mark Foley) Twice is lazy (again Mark Foley or Chafee) but 3 times well that is on purpose isn't it?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Look at how calm I am...

Look how calm I am with the news that the new current plan has us in Iraq until at least 2009. The surge was going to be evaluated in September. And the current team "in charge" of Iraq refused to answer any questions before that to the Democrats - because it was premature. But they can tell each other that we are there in current form until 2008.

Of course, the Iraquis haven't met the government benchmarks.
Of course, the Iraq armies are going backwards in terms of readiness.
Of course, we have started to arm the sects that have been killing us.

But this will be all better soon. Honest this time.

And I didn't scream.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Thank you Phil and/or Julie

Well, Phil and/or Julie took a picture of Dora and me, so I am posting it. Cuz it is cute. It makes me want to have a ... no. Makes we want to babysi... no. Makes me want to go back mor... no.

Makes me want to post a picture.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Chef and the bar-b-que

Well, the chef (also "The Chief") made some kick-ass bar-b-que ribs this week-end. Eddie and I hauled our cookies to the great mid-west to hang out with his mom, brothers & sister-in-laws, nephews, nieces, new nieces and cousins. It was a great outing, but the highlight was Donald's ribs - they were delicious-oso. (Sean Neppl rated them 2.5 stars on a random scale, but he was oh-so-wrong. I think the growth spurt is affecting his brain.)

It was a fun week0end. We enjoyed ourselves, and Ed found that Annette's nick-name was "nutsie", which is somehow appropriate.

One last picture of Dora with her uncle Carson. Actually Dora was in-lurve with her uncle Scott, but no one got a picture of that, so we are making do....

Friday, July 20, 2007

Everyone hide!!!!

All that "gut feeling" talk didn't scare me.
Orange.. schmorange.
Killers Bees? Ha!!!

This scares the bejesus out of me.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fail Safe

So... when I work from home I usually have Turner Classics on in the background. Today they have "Fail Safe" on. I read the book years and years ago when I was in my teens. It was freaky then, and is chilling now.
I had never seen the movie. It is strange how such a sprawling book becomes such a claustrophobic movie. And the lack of CGI makes the sketchy black and white stock footage look so much more real.
There are no pictures of Moscow getting nuked. Just the words of the American Ambassador until the moment the line squeals from being fried.
There are no pictures of New York getting nuked. Only 10 quick images done to the countdown, and then a bleed to white.
It is sobering. And it reminds you of what could happen. xThese days we tend to put it out of our mind. We ignore the thousands of massively destructive bombs under and not under our control. I think it is good. We probably would be immobilized if we actually thought about what could, might and some day probably will happen somewhere.
People are capable of so much. The ability to create life, art and joy. The ability to destroy everything on the planet. The ability to look at the positive and the negative sides of life at the same moment. It's cool. I guess I wouldn't trade life in on something else.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Joke from a ex-NeoCon

From Andrew Sullivan...

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Joe Lieberman are all flying over New Orleans in a Blackhawk, surveying the progress that has been made in rebuilding the city and the levees. As they fly over the Ninth Ward, Cheney looks out the window, grins, and says, "You know, I could throw a thousand-dollar bill out the window right now and make one of those poor bastards very happy."

Bush says, "Well, I could throw ten hundred-dollar bills out the window right now and make TEN people very happy."

Not to be outdone, Lieberman chimes in, "Oh yeah? Well, I could throw a hundred $10 bills out the window and make a HUNDRED Americans very happy."

Hearing this, the copter pilot rolls his eyes and says, "Man, I could throw all three of you out the window and make 300 million Americans very happy."

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Definition: Homoqueasy

Ohmygod! Like, I just heard, so the best word. Homoqueasy. A movie gag that works well on-screen to expose the lengths to which people who are not homophobic wil go to avoid the appearance of being gay. (from OUT)

It is what makes recent stupid movie jokes about being gay funny. Like me here boil down the basics and quote Adam Sandler.

"This movie says there's nothing wrong with being gay." pause " There's just something wrong with being gay for Kevin James."

Science... Schmience

CBS and Fox refuse to show condom ads. Okay. I fully think that is their right.

I even understand the CBS reasoning ("inappropriate"), although I disagree (given that last night I watched premarital sex on 8:00 PM "When I Meet you Mother", 8:30 "New Adventures of Old Christine" and 9:00 "Two and a Half Men" (with 3 of the major characters discussing hook-ups).

But Fox is my favorite. You know why they won't show them. "Fox said it objected to the message that condoms can prevent pregnancy, while CBS said it was not “appropriate,” drawing a firestorm of criticism from public health advocates and bloggers."

Whaaa...? Fox objects to the message the condoms can prevent pregnancy? So they must believe that condoms only help prevent disease? Then why not show them?

Objects to the message that condoms can prevent pregnancy?

I object to the message that the earth revolves around the sun. I object to the message that squares have 4 sides. How does one "object" to proven items? You will notice them did not say they object because condoms aren't 100% effective. They object to the message that condoms can prevent pregnancy.

I am stupefied.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hob Nobing with the Rif and Raf

You see one of the problems in New York is that you do not view the insanity from a nice safe distance. A few square feet of Nissan or BWM safety glass between you and the escapees from Ripley's Believe It or Not!

No, in New York you don't gently wonder how long it has been since that crazy person driving the Gremlin has washed, Here you are walking and he is not driving a Gremlin and you can tell that it has been approximately 3 weeks since he and soap made an acquaintance. And, in that 3 weeks, he has partaken of Indian food. A lot.

Most tourists in the sweaty summer of New York stink. Overweight, older Texas women tend to smell excessively of Jean Natee liberally applied to cover a slightly musty smell. Overweight Russian men tend to smell of European sausages and old gym socks. The French (from the elderly to the pre-pubescent) smell of musk doused with bad perfume topped off by the aroma of smug self-satisfaction. Germans smell of clean sweat. You know, they go into the sauna every morning to sweat out all the toxins, so just the clean sweat is left. Which isn't be bad unless they rub up against you and all their clean sweats sticks to you.

It is all so... so .... glamorous.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yes Virginia, there was a Xanadu

Xanadu opened last Tuesday on Broadway. "Xanadu?" You ask.

"Xanadu? The craptastic musical that put Olivia Newton-John, Steve Gutenberg AND Gene Kelly in roller skates. Xanadu? A movie so bad that the Pan Pacific Auditorium (where the roller disco finale was filmed) was burned to the ground by an "un-explained" fire right after filming (who said God has no sense of humor).

Yes, that Xanadu. I cannot in good conscience review it as I haven't seen it. But I do have a picture of the lovely Olivia Newton-John at the premiere. And she is still the sweetest slice of Aussie country ever. I LOVE HER.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Following Lisa's Advice ...

Following Lisa's advice ("Breath Poppit"), I bring you ... Cricket. The ultimate calming game.

When we were in England this last time we sent and saw a Cricket match at the famous "Lord's Cricket Grounds." This was a (in English) a short game between two rivals that finished even earlier due to rain. (in British: A 20 Over between Middlesex and Surrey- called to a 19 Over due to threat of rain, ultimately played as a 10 Over due to a storm and scored with the Duckworth/Lewis method).

So, it was totally fun. And it is a LOT easier to understand in person.

By the by, Middlesex plays in the pink outfits this year to raise money for Breast Cancer. It was heart warming to see the fans in pink. Even though most of the men couldn't really pull it off.

Here is a picture post match of Jane, Larua, Ed and Dan (Laura's "Manz"). You will notice that everyone looks good in the pictures I post Mr. Dan!

And if you think this is an old picture and couldn't possible be July... well,you would be wrong. This is 9:15PM at night. The ground was wet because 1/2 way through the game it was called due to a (in English) piss all downpour. (in British: a light, but fast moving squall).

PS: More on Duckworth / Lewis for when you want to be totally confused.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quiz: Who said this...

Question 1. In June of 2006, in the run up to an election who said this about gay marriage:

"I don't believe there's any issue that's more important than this one," said Sen. xxx. "I think this debate is very healthy, and it's winning a lot of hearts and minds. I think we're going to show real progress."

Sen. David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican.

Where do I know that name from?? Humm...? Oh yea, in the just released phone records of the Washington DC Madam.

He states now that it was a serious sin, but he talked with his wife and pastor and is past it. He will not discuss this any further.

Kiss my ass, Dave. If you can take to the Senate floor to denounce fags and say that banning gay marriage is worth amending the Constitution for, then I am allowed to call you a lying hypocrite who broke his marriage vows with a hooker for a few moments of sexual gratification. And you have no moral standing to say that my wanting to commit to my partner (and- FYI- not cheat on them with a whore) is a threat to the institution of marriage.
And when you stopping talking about my sex life, I will stop talking about your adulterous and illegal extra-marital relations.
Question 2. Who wrote to the chairman and ranking member of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee expressing support for reauthorization of the Title V Abstinence Education Program of the Social Security Act. Saying in the letter "These programs have been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of out-of-wedlock pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases by teaching teenagers that saving sex until marriage and remaining faithful afterwards is the best choice for health and happiness."
That's right. Sen. Vitter.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Great Week-end

Eddie and I went to see John, Sue and the kids in Washington. It was really cool for 2 reasons.

First, of course, seeing everyone was great. I haven't seen John and his family in a long time. They are growing like weeds (see picture). We all had fun.

The second reason was more unexpected. It was great to be back in DC after being so unhappy with our government. It is a physical reminder that the country will get through this. We remember do much about what drives us apart - it was great to be where we all (left or right, republican or democrat) come to acknowledge our love for this country and it's ideals. We'll make it through this and be okay. It was a good lesson to be reminded of.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mascot of the Month: Suomi Sprinters

Well, we work towards the Olympics with a dual Mascot of the Month for July. Finnish Sprinters. The have 2 actual prospects for the 2008 Olympics. And you would be hard pressed to find a better looking 100 Meter team!

The better athelete is Markus Pöyhönen. He is a great 100 Meter Man.

Here is a more honest picture of him. But, either way, he is a cute Finn.

The cuter 100 Meter Man is Lauri Kalima. He doubles as a model. No big surpirse.

Here is another picture.

That is 1/2 of someone's dream relay team.

Okay, my dream team. (Don't judge, Ed would be on it too.)

So they both run for Finland still. Good for them.

Byline Movie Reviews #3 in a Series

Byline Movie Review Number 3 (today's from Salon)

"License to Wed"
I now pronounce you ... one unbelievably crappy movie.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So, We are back and Ed is working on pictures

Well, we are back and Eddie is working on the pictures. Here are some great ones. The first 2 of some guy Hewitt? I don't know. Something like that (which is funny if you know of my Lleyton obsession).

One more of the Aussie.

You can't actually look at that picture and not notice that he has my bf's calves.

And finally, a shot of Ed and Barbara and our Pimm's cups. It was a rare sunny moment we weren't watching the tennis. (And, yes, this was at the snazzy NBC/Universal hospitality booth where free food and drink were consumed in large quantities during the rain delays.)

And yet, you must comment...

It serves no purpose to get upset with the President for his commuting Scooter Libby's sentence. He has proved, beyond any doubt, that he does not believe in the values of our country.

Say what you will, justify however you want, but George Bush doesn't care about the rule of law. Let's go back and remind ourselves. His administration outed an undercover CIA agent. They did this because her husband told the truth about Iraq. Then they lied about it, under oath.

Now, the war in Iraq is in the toilet.
Now, one of our undercover agents (fighting terrorism) is no longer a CIA agent due to them.
Now, the administration says that the facts are all true, but they don't have to serve time.

This is spitting on the rule of the law. For every whining Congressman who growls about "Burning the Flag", this is so very much worse. This is just wrong. And the President doesn't give a shit what we think or what the rule of the law is or what his administration does.

He is not acting as if he is the President of the United States. He is acting as President of the Republican Party. The office deserves respect. The person in it deserves contempt.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Great Day

Well, we were at Wimbledon in the morning.. and it appears that is about all that got off. We saw Svetlana win (you might remember here from an earlier nincompoopery update). I know love Svetlana. I mean come on. Her name is Svetlana Kuznetsova (trying saying that three times in mixed company), she has legs with all the appeal of tree trunks, and she has decided to have her blond hair done in faux Jamaican corn rows. The crowd routs for anyone against her. Hey, Svetlana is my GAL!

We also saw Llyton Hewitt for a while (and yes he is just as dreamy in person).

I also saw Mauresmo lose! It was fun.

Then we went to Lord's and watched Cricket! Fun. I really liked it, even though it was cut short for rain. And, apparently, after we left it rained like crazy.

Home tomorrow.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Well, All is Well in England with us

We have had a great time so far. Dinner and drinks then Bar-B-Que with Jane, Lisa, the Flooks, Gary and DavyPoo.

Tennis was fun, albeit wet. Back tomorrow for more. Security is, as you can imagine, fairly tight!