Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tonight on Jeopardy: Brett Somers Look-Alike

So in watching Jeopardy we saw contestant #3, who is the spitting image of Brett Somers from Match Game.
As on Jeopardy tonight

The Original Brett
(hat tip to Ed, who is watching reruns of Match Game on YouTube as we speak.)

Fun Future Games

I never learn.  I still pine for UCLA Football.  So, every now and then I look at future schedules.
Turns out in the future, we totally have some fun games.
At Virginia!  That will be great.  I do love me some Charolettesville.  But that same exact year we play in Cowboy Stadium.  Totally fun!
I do like that we open this year at Rice.  I think we have a shot of winning that one - open against someone not so great (nothing personal Owls - you are probably thinking the same exact thing :-).

No Reason

Surprisingly Touched

So I took Trevor to the last day of Pets At Play today.
Now we have been going for about 4 years - Eddie gets the whole store an "edible bouquet" at Christmas.  We know them, but I didn't expect a big deal.
They are a mess.  The guys that took Trevor out back gave me a hug.  The reception guy shook my hand and said, "Good luck to you three guys.  You've been..." And then he turned away crying.
I was verklempt.

Monday, January 30, 2012

LDS (Mormons and Me)

So Reuters has big story about how young and others are leaving the Mormon church, as details about the church are available on the web.  Apparently a lot of Mormons haven't told their kids the full history of the church.
The LA Temple, Palm Trees and the Angel Moroni
Like Polygamy or the Golden plates or even the fact that the church preaches it as a scientific fact the Indians are descended from a 600 BC tribe of Israelites that came to America.  Note: They have been, however, quite open about the millions and millions of dollars they dumped into California to pass Proposition 8 (overturning legal marriage for same sex couples), which is also driving out liberal Mormons.
Now personally, I like Mormons as individuals.  They are, in the main, nice people. Not particularly nice to non-Mormons in Salt Lake City, but maybe that has changed in the 40 years since I lived there.
I am even descended from Mormons.  Not just ANY Mormons- mind you, but the big one!  Brigham Young (of course, he had over 20 wives, so that lineage isn't a big trick in the Mormon family). However, should Mittens be the nominee, I will fight to expose every hypocrisy and idiocy I can unearth about Mormonism.
Not out of anger.  But if the church believes it is their duty to take the 10% of every persons income to repudiate my marriage covenant, I feel it is my duty to point out the problems with their covenant.  The church's hatred of me was inflicted, quite directly on me, my marriage and my friends.  I have no problem with repaying the favor.  Not to denounce the church, merely to point out the beliefs of Mittens - not just a member, but a Priest of the Church and the highest ranking church official in New England for decades.
Just a heads up.  Every belief system has some odd things.  Same as the Mormons. They should revel in their uniqueness, not be afraid of it!
PS, the Angel on top of the LDS church points to Salt Lake City.  It is not an abstract "Angel".  This is the Angel Moroni.  He was a prophet / warrior that fought for the America Israelites in the first Millennium. In 1823 this prophet returned as an Angel (again - NOT  an abstract Angel, but Moroni, the American Israelite) and visited Joseph Smith in order to lead him to the Golden Plates.
You see, the Prophet / Warrior / Angel Moroni had written the story of the American Israelites onto Golden Plates and buried them in Upstate New York (near Rochester).  These plates were returned to the Angel after Joseph Smith translated them from the Egyptian (using a seer stone from the bottom of a hat) to English.  The Prophet / Warrior / Angel Moroni then took them back to heaven (via a cave in Upstate New York) - and now he adorns the top of each LDS Temple.
Apparently, since that time, the Prophet / Warrior / Angel has returned every now and then with big news.  For example,  in 1968 he took a trip to Salt Lake to say that black people were now okay to go to Heaven (up until then, their skin color was a mark from God that they were evil).  And he came back in the late 1990s to tell the Mormons to fight against Gay Marriage.  Who knows when Moroni will pop up next!

Dogs Against Romney

he he  ( http://www.dogsagainstromney.com/ )

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rockefeller Center Doors

I love the doors at Rockefeller Center.  When Shelly was here last week-end we walked by 30 Rock, and the doors had just been cleaned.  Here are some pictures of the doorways and the detail.
Doors of Commerce
Door of Commerce
Door Detail  : Very Cool!
 Doors of Art: France
Doorway of Art

French Building Arch

Friday, January 27, 2012

Obama's Obvious Pandering for the Hispanic Vote

Look at this newly released picture from NASA!  Obama's obviously pandering to the Hispanic Left by focusing on Mexico.  What is wrong with the United States?  Is O-pology-bama unhappy putting America Front and Center!!!


Oy Vey

Here's the thing.  Religion is SO important when you are young.  All the big questions ultimately seem to boil down to, "If God is good, why do so many bad things happen?"
And the whiplash that the question brings leads to righteous anger or righteous resolve.  Either way, it is a big deal.  Maybe the biggest.  You're a teenager!  You will NOT be subject to this hypocrisy!  You can AND WILL do something about it!
Then we get older.
Turns out that religion is just a nice way to stay in tough with the community and friends.  A chance to dress well on Sundays, see friends and hopefully do good for others.  A child, or a hundred children or ten thousand children starving in Africa aren't God's fault.  It may be no one's fault.  But churches often try to make the lives of the less fortunate better.  Good for them.
I remember being as indignant as this girl about religion.  I would have probably complained about the School Prayer as well.  I could quote all the evil that organized religion does, and the foresight our fore-fathers had in separating it from governmental support and oversight.
But, with age comes - if not wisdom - at least tolerance.  You could replace the "Heavenly Father" in that prayer with "Meditate Daily" or "Thoughts to Guide You" and it isn't offensive at all.
This isn't a "War on Christians", it is a kid - full of righteous anger.  And, God willing, if we are all lucky, she will turn that righteous anger into a desire to do good in the future.  Possibly through her community, friends and maybe even her church.

Posters of Chicago Transit

Imprint Magazine (via Salon) has an amazing article all about the posters from the Chicago Transit system in the 20's.
The main thrust of the article is that Chicago, for a while, had artists and ideas that rivaled the beautiful posters of the London Tube system.  Most people who enjoy poster or transit art are familiar with the posters of the Tube destinations.  The are gorgeous.  But this article shows that many of the Chicago posters were just as rich, just as beautiful and as divergent stylistically as anything London did.
Great article.

So 2 thoughts from the debate...

Two thoughts from the debate.
First, Gingrinch can't play "beat up the media" if everyone doesn't play along...  and they didn't last night.
Part of Newt's big schtick is when they ask a question he doesn't like, he kicks it away with the old "isn't the media stupid for asking  this" line.  And, when Mittens is running away with the whole thing, everyone agrees to let Newt play crotchety old uncle.  But last night, that didn't work.  It wasn't the deft handiwork of Wolf jeopardy Blitzer.  It was because Mittens wouldn't let him get away with it.  At one point Mitt said, paraphrasing, that wasn't it convenient that Newt could go negative in the media, but not defend it onstage.
That threw Newt off, AND got the crowd on his side.
The second story is obvious from the picture above.  Santorum swung at Newt hard and unexpectedly.  I don't think Newt saw it coming, because Tubby cannot hide his anger.  Ed and I thought Santorum had the best debate.  And this is from 2 homos who do NOT like frothy-mix.  And I think many of his stances are archaic or confused (Muslim Jihadists in Cuba and El Salvador?).  But he was smart,quick and on point (as asinine as those points are) and the crowd ate it up.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your South Carolina Primary Winner

A Quote from Mittens

He wants to be our new President.  From his stump speech.  Really:
“I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.”

Did you see "Touch" last night?

So Tivo on-line gave me the heads up I should watch Touch.  And last night, a dead night of TV reruns - Eddie and I were just watching the tube and at 9:00 it wanted to chance to "Touch" on Fox.  Well, we finished watching what we were watching (Suburgatory - eh).. and thought we would watch some of Touch and zoom through the commercials.
It was weird and cool and intense and tied up all the strings, but not in a neat bow - which was cool.  I liked it. The kid is very good.  And Keifer Sutherland (isn't "Keifer" some kind of yogurt drink?)...  Anyway, Keifer was great and it was interesting to see him as not a kick ass guy.
It is back on March 19th (which is 318 + 1, but it only makes sense if you saw the show).  Tivo it, it is worthwhile.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Say It Ain't So Joe

Pets At Play is closing!
Arghh!  It's hard finding Trevor a happy place.

You Have GOT TO BE Kidding..

Mitch Daniels, in the Republican "Rebuttal" to the State of the Union.
"As a loyal opposition, who put patriotism and national success ahead of party or ideology or any self-interest, we say that anyone who will join us in the cause of growth and solvency is our ally, and our friend," Daniels added, admitting that Republicans had not always been as successful in the past at bring Americans together. "We will speak the language of unity."

It should be proof that God isn't concerned with day to day lies that a lighting bolt didn't come down from the sky and strike him dead on the spot.
Loyal opposition, who put patriotism and national success ahead of party... is the one where the Republican Leader of the Senate said his PRIMARY GOAL for the 4 years from Obama's election to the next Presidential Election was to prevent Obama's re-election.  Before he served a day!  Loyal opposition... who's Speaker of the House promised a National Debt compromise to meet his own goals, only to withdraw it hours later because he couldn't get his own members to vote for it.  Loyal opposition.. who responded to Obama's Israel statements - which echo'ed every President's Position - Republican or Democratic since Richard Nixon  - as:
- “President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus,” said former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney
- "To send a signal to the Palestinians that America will increase its demands on our ally Israel, on the heels of the Palestinian Authority's agreement with the Hamas terrorist organization, is a disaster waiting to happen,” Mr. Pawlenty said. 
- “I understand he has already in effect offered concessions to the Palestinians, in advance of anything the Israelis do, in a way that could be a significant security threat to the Israelis,” Mr. Gingrich told...
- “The current administration needs to come to terms with its confused and dangerous foreign policy soon, as clarity and security are the necessary conditions of any serious and coherent American set of policies.” Rick Santorum.
The Old Homo from LA and New York loyally calls Bullshit on Mitch Daniels.

Why I Didn't Watch the State of the Union

So, I couldn't bring myself to watch the State of the Union.  Not because I don't like President Obama, I do.  But because of a comment made by Andrew Sullivan - a writer I respect.
Andrew commented that President Obama should (paraphrasing) "...embrace Tax Reform - and it is something that the Republicans can get behind and they can work together on it."
And I thought, Good God Man - what planet have you been living - and where can I get the drugs to join you? President Obama couldn't get the Republicans to agree to pass a law that this is year 2012.  (What about Chinese Years?  You hate Israel, because the the Jewish Year isn't 2012 - which just proves you are a Muslim. Just like Obama to celebrate Jesus' death (yes I know that AD isn't "after death", but my guess is that Rush would spin it that way anyway.)).
And I was made overwhelmingly sad that no matter what Obama says, it will be cast as a chance for pundits to talk about scoring points,
- and what was Gingrinch's reaction,
- and what the rebuttal is (which is written before the State of the Union is delivered, so not so much a rebuttal as a Saturday Night Live Point / CounterPoint argument),
- and what would Mittens have said.
- and who didn't stand up.
- and why was the President so Orange (actually that was Ed.)
And I decided I had to check out of the madness for the evening.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New UCLA Football Coach is coming in with a Bang

Jim Mora was questioned by a lot of people because he has very very little college experience (1 year as Student Assistant-Coach), but he has done very well  lately.  The big question was, could he recruit.  Well, he has hired well - a mix of good pro-coachs and great college recruiting coaches, and has turned around our recruiting.
And, I won't bore you with the details, but he appears to favor strength and speed.  So we have some big guys coming in.  That is a nice change.  He has already moved our recruiting class to #25 in the nation - and signing day still isn't here.
Go Bruins.

How Bad are my Bruins (Basketball edition)

How far has Ben Howland taking the Bruins down the road of suckiness.  So very very far.  So far, that when you go to UCLA Bruins ".com" and select "Basketball" - you don't find we are 10 - 9 on the season.  Or that we are 3 - 3 in conference.
In fact, you don't see anything about the current crop of athletes, lead by the worst preforming Basketball coach in the last 60 years.
No. They are spotlighting Bruins in the Pros.  And there are 14 of them.  That is a lot of weeks to try to drag attention away from the train wreck in charge of our current crop of athletes.

Hi-Life Restaurant; I like this place

So, when Eddie and I moved to New York in the beginning, we went to this great little Upper West Side Bar that had been turned into a restaurant.  We loved it.  I just got reminded (since it was just added as a American Airlines partner).
It is great if you are ever up there.


She plays an emotionless, asexual woman passing as a man.
Can't wait to see that movie.

Status + 3 Weeks

It's not the Librium.
216.0 lbs.
"It's not the Librium" is an homage to my Grandfather, arguable a great and crazy guy.  He was manic / depressive back before it was called bi-polar, and the proscribed Librium.  When he took his meds, he was sane - but he was convinced they made him fat.  So he would not take it.
It had no effect on his weight.  This same sentence could be made by me know, except I was blaming it on the Efexor.  Well, I cut from 225 to 150 to 75.  No effect.  Today I switched to Prozac, to complete my Efexor weaning.  I am doing it for the blood pressure, but thought it might effect my weight as well.

Part of the problem with the debates, is who they are for...

Part of the problem with the Republican Debates, it seems to me, is the intended audience  There are 2 major audiences for these things.
First, the upcoming voters in the next few primary states.  The tighter the race is, the more lively but less realistic the debate is.  When the Republican candidates are trying to vie for the votes of primary voters (more motivated partisans), they can't say anything positive about the current occupant of the White House.  This isn't unique, a Democratic primary debate in 2008 couldn't say anything positive about President Bush because primary voters would have none of it.
So we have, in the debate, nincompoopery dressed up as policy.  Obama, who presided over the ouster of Col Khadfi, the killing of Bin Laden and the surge in Afghanistan - is a whimp in the Mid-East who is not suficently blood thirsty in Afghanistan and shouldn't talk with the Taliban .  Obama can do nothing right, even as they agree with his message.  Obama, not the Republican-That-Must-Not-Be-Named who proceed him is responsible for requiring us to "beg the Russians" for a ride to the space station and the reason we don't have a moon-base.  Obama, not the Republican-That-Must-Not-Be-Named who proceed him is responsible for drawing troops out of Afghanistan too early (which is as Alice in Wonderland as it is possible to be).  It is Obama, not the Republican-That-Must-Not-Be-Named who proceed him that was responsible for the Wall Street Bailout (passed under Bush).
Only tangentially can the Republicans speak to the future election voters.  Mittens moved to this when he thought he had the nomination sewed up.  He was more logical and honest.  And rewarded with a thumpin' in South Carolina.  And so it was back to crazy town last night.  Michelle Bachman would have fit right in.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tyson Beckford on 42nd St.

So Eddie and I were walking down 42nd. Street the other day and totally ran into Tyson Beckford.  We stared a little and he just smiled.  I think he is used to people staring at him.
And yes, just as handsome in person.

Other Desert Cities

Well, I saw Other Desert Cities on Sunday (before football).

It was great, and surprising and I loved it.  I was very VERY impressed by the entire cast.  I expected to love Stockard Channing, but Stacy Keach was very good, when I didn't really expect it.  And Judith Light was amazing.  I don't know what I expected (yes I do, Who's The Boss-ness), but she surprised the hell out of me.
And excellent writing.  The voice of the brittle Palm Springs' Matriarch was perfect, and what was shocking is that the male parts were equally well done.
Just great.

Pandora Thinks I'm a Wuss

Apparently Brendan James fans are bloated,  yoga taking, PMS suffering wrecks.
Much like the infamous "Tivo Thinks I'm Gay" period when anyone who tivo'ed Will and Grace was saddled with documentaries of the gay rights struggle, I am having a small Pandora issue.
I am listening to Pandroa Radio station Brendan James.  It's kind of a calm, easy kind of listening as I am doing drudgery work on the computer at work.  But I get commercials for lady-pads, PMS relief and Yoga Training.
Makes you wonder who listens to Bredan James - even though I love him.

A Quote Suitable for Many An Occasion

This was quoted by support people cleaning up someone else's huge ass mess.

I really wanted to reply with the quote from the intended groom’s father in the wedding scene from The Grail, after Sir Lancelot skewers the guards and attendees…  “Let’s not argue about who killed who.  This is supposed to be a happy occasion.”

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ed's Birthday Cheese (not Cheese Cake)

After a very nice dinner, our waiter brought Ed's desert cheese out.  Nice huh?
Happy Birthday to you.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Richard III at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)

Last night Shelly, Sam and I went to see Richard the 3rd at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).  It was (long but) great!
The is the last project "the Bridge Project" between a theater in the US and one in London.  It was a lot of fun. The director was Sam Mendes (he of American Beauty and Jarhead).  It was beautifully staged and put on.
Kevin Spacey & Hadyn Gwynne

Saturday Walk About with Shelly and Eddie on his day of Birth

This morning we went for a little Dim Sum for Ed's b-day.  Then we walked about in the snow.
The Lion of the Library.
We showed Shelly Grand Central, then walked to the NY Library, where they had an amazing show of objects  from the first 100 year. Some amazing things.
One of the objects was the original set design box for Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George.
It was a beautiful morning.
Shelly and I at the Apple Store, Grand Central - a long way from the JW Marriot 1975 Prom

Friday, January 20, 2012

Saw Follies with Shelly

So a friend from high school is in town.  Yes, High School.  (facebook).
In addition to going to the Prom together and doing Dual DI in Speech Team together (don't ask), we were total drama nerds together.  We were in plays a lot.
So, for her first time in NYC, we are going a little play happy.  She is here for work and got in early, so we are hanging out until Sunday.  We are seeing shows Thursday, Friday and Sunday (tomorrow is Eddie's Birthday - so I am entertaining my honey).

Anyway, we saw Follies last night before it closes this week-end.  We had 2nd row seats and it was great.  Most everyone has grown and seasoned into their roles.  Bernadette Peters' role still sucks (not her, the role is just whiney!), and she has now effected a quiver and tear that just grates on you.
But the rest of the cast and the show is stupendous.  We had a blast.  Jan Maxwell, in particular is a showstopper in a couple of numbers.  and Elaine Paige... still great.

Tuff Luck Tubby

Boo de Freaking Hoo

Newt doesn't like the media questioning him about his 2nd wife and his request for open marriage or other things.  It makes him so mad!  It's not fair and it is anti-Republican.
It is part of the media Republican witch hunt.
Wow, pretty thin skin on someone who has signed a pledge to fight my (gay) marriage at every turn. Pretty thin skin for someone who has stated that Gay Marriage is the biggest threat to the family today. Apparently Open Marriage is A-OK by God- as long as the wedded couple in question is a man and wife (presumably, the extra's would have to be uniformly heterosexual - but since I don't have an "Open" Marriage I don't really know.  Maybe Newt has a set of church approved rules for Open Marriages?
So... a Broken Covenant with the Government and God to stand with your wife in Sickness and health is out of bounds.  But it is perfectly fine to call my covenant (which I have still upheld) evil, immoral and the devil's square-dance.  (Okay, not that last one, but I do like the "Devil's Square Dance" - I think it is catchy.)
So that whole impeachment thing about sex and lying... are we just glossing over that now.
Hey, I didn't bring up his marriage - he drug mine into it.  If you can't stand the heat, ask the kitchen for an open relationship.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Romney For President: of the Cayman Islands

Are you shitting me?
Sure it is legal.  It is what corporate raiders that want to avoid paying US Taxes do.  But really, as President?  A Mormon Tax Dodger who ships $4 Million extra funds to the church to fight against civil rights, but parks untold millions off-shore to avoid sharing it with the US Government?
Let him run for Profit of the Church.  What if Europe crashes and the Republican wins the Presidency in a cake walk.  Is Mittens the one you want?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Voting Nincompoopery

The House voted today to NOT approve raising the national debt.  It means nothing, because as part of the agreement they passed last year, the President authorizes the increase in the National Debt - and the Republicans get to vote against it, but it goes into effect anyway.
And such is the nincompoopery theater our government is reduced to today.  I would say it is an empty stunt that will fool no one, but since all of our Republican Candidates say that they don't believe in evolution or man-made climate change, perhaps I give the electorate too much credit.


Over heard as they passed my desk.
Let's brainstorm an incentivizing strategy that enables and rewards our directs, but also makes sense from the company's standpoint of overall business direction and tentpole business goals.
aka - Bonuses are too high.

Money flows to State Senators that backed Gay Marriage

When the Senate of New York voted to support Gay Marriage - 4 Republican State Senators voted for Gay Marriage.  I made them Mascots of the Month after that.

Today, the NY Times has an article regarding the fact that a lot of money has flowed into their campaigns.  This is in response by gay marriage supports to threats made from outside the state to punish these people for their votes.
It is important to help people that have supported human rights here.  I think of this as I find out that Mittens Romney has donated over $4 Million dollars to the Mormon Church.  The purveyors of hate that back most of the anti-gay marriage drives.  (I can say that being descended from the polygamous, hate filled charlatans). Damn Mittens.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lana Del Car Crash

Did anyone else see the car crash that was Lana Del Ray's performance on Saturday Night Live.  Apparently I wasn't the only one that thought she was terrible.  After a build up on iTunes, Saturday Night Live kind of smushed her short term buzz.
She was not good.  I don't know if it was nerves or what, but so very very not good.

I'm really glad I didn't watch this...

(From Salon - but echo'ed on MSNBC and everywhere else).

The key exchange took place in the debate’s second segment, when Fox News contributor Juan Williams brought up Gingrich’s statement that “the African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps” and his claim that children in poor areas don’t understand the value of work and could learn it by doing the jobs of school janitors.
“Can’t you see,” Williams asked, “that this is viewed at a minimum as insulting to all Americans, but particularly to black Americans?”
In a general election debate, this might have been a challenging question for Gingrich to field. But this was a GOP primary debate in a state where the modern Republican Party was essentially created out of a white backlash against the Democratic Party’s embrace of civil rights. Some in the live audience in Myrtle Beach hissed at Williams, one of the few Democratic-friendly voices on Fox, and Gingrich milked their outrage for all it was worth.
“No,” he said matter of factly. ” I don’t see that.”
Neither did the crowd, of course, which responded with one of the night’s most thunderous bursts of applause, a scene that was repeated when Gingrich punctuated his explanation to Williams by saying, “Only elites despise earning money.”
This came just moments after Gingrich had brought the house down by claiming that Barack Obama doesn’t believe that work is good and by railing against  “unconditional efforts by the best food stamp president in American history to maximize dependency is terrible for the future of this country.” It was all a reminder of Gingrich’s unparalleled ability to serve up pure red meat to a party base that has spent the past three years being sold a caricature of  Obama as radical redistributionist.
But then Newt really got lucky: Williams decided to ask him a follow-up.

Just Me?

So there is a auction for charity from different Broadway people for the Drama League (auction site is here).
Is it just me, or does anyone else think this particular item might be construed as inappropriate as listed?  Who is it from?

If Corporations Are People My Friend then...

So Mitt says, "Corporations are people, my friend."  By the by, the person wasn't Mittens' friend.  It was a sarcastic put-sown of a person Mittens considers a rube for even asking the question.
But, if Mittens is right, then Stephen Colbert is correct to question if Mittens is a serial killer.  His time at Bain was full of "creative destruction" in search of capital and profits.  If he killed people (and corporations are people, my friend) - at the same rate he killed corporations he would be in jail.
Poor choice of words, of harbinger of death!!  You decide.

Status + 2 weeks

Apparently the way to deal with extra stress is not to work extra hours and eat extra food.
Or it could be the Tequila.
In any case, back to gym.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Morning on MLK Day

I am at work (long story), but like last night's sunset, there was a beautiful sunrise this morning.  Hopefully it portends better things than last night's sunset (the less said about the Packers the better).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beautiful Sunset as we watch Packers and Giants

It is a beautiful sunset tonight from the house, across the Hudson towards Newark.
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Miss Wisconsin won Miss America

So Eddie and I were switching between Miss America and the Patriots / Broncos game (it's hard being a homo that likes sports).
We were rooting for the Patriots, but then Miss Wisconsin started doing very well in Miss America.  She got to the final 5 - for maybe the first time.  Her answer was good - but New York's was great.  However Wisconsin smoked her in talent.
And Wisconsin won.  My honey is atwitter.
And the Patriots are doing great right now (knock wood).