Thursday, April 28, 2005

I stand SO corrected

I stand SO corrected. Occasionally the future is so bright, I gotta wear shades. In this case it is terrifically bright in Japan. Look at this water bus.

It is so cool, even the floor lights up and night. It runs on a circut in Japan. And it was produced ()which I assume means designed or paid for, but I am not sure) by a Japanese cartoonist. COOL!

The future is so bright - gotta wear shades

Remember the fun future. Flying cars, transporters, Micheal Jackson singing instead of at the defense table.

If you miss it, you can always visit YesterLand - where the fun old rides of Disney are remembered, like Monsanto's House of the Future.

They remember the Rocket to the Moon, The Rocket Rods, The People Mover. The fun future. (By the way, the Rocket to the Moon now sits above a food court. Progress -- phfft!)

The future isn't really like that anymore. The real future is full of lying bastards.

Speaking of House Republicans, they passed a law making it a felony to take a monor across state lines to terminate a pregnancy (regardless of the motives). Intelligent, reasonable people can argue over this. Or Republicans can change reasonable language in the official register.


DEMS: a Nadler amendment to exempt a grandparent or adult sibling from the criminal and civil provisions in the bill (no 12-19)
GOP REWRITE: . Mr. Nadler offered an amendment that would have exempted sexual predators from prosecution under the bill if they were grandparents or adult siblings of a minor. By a roll call vote of 12 yeas to 19 nays, the amendment was defeated.

DEMS: a Nadler amendment allows an adult who could be prosecuted under the bill to go to a Federal district court and seek a waiver to the state’s parental notice laws if this remedy is not available in the state court. (no 11-16)
GOP REWRITE:. Mr. Nadler offered an amendment that would have created an additional layer of Federal court review that could be used by sexual predators to escape conviction under the bill. By a roll call vote of 11 yeas to 16 nays, the amendment was defeated.

You gotta love 'em

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Holy Grail

You know, there are those things that the world attempts, but rarely achieves. A stomach like Brad Pitt, a set of knockers like Jennifer Aniston (without augmentation), perpetual motion.

Well, for those of us that care or know (because everyone would care if they knew), Fusion power is one of those items. Nuclear Power stations run on Fission, that is splitting apart atoms which then yeild different atoms and some left over bits. The "left over bits" are energy that is yielded as heater, which then drives the generators, which then power your razor. Unfortunately, the "different atoms" are rather toxic, and last for thousands of years.

On the other hand, Fusion power is the joining of atoms to make a third atom. LIke using hydrogen and hydrogen to make helium. This is how the Sun and Fusion Bombs work. The problem with Fusion is that humans haven't been able to master it on a level that allows us to harness the eneregy. Even in Nevada, they don't want to blow up hydrogen bombs to boil water.

But now a set of UCLA Bruins has succeeded in demonstrating DESKTOP FUSION. If this can be perfected, it would solve eneregy problems as we know them. This is good news. And good news from a leftist Blue state that certainly should be independent.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I know it is stupid - but..

I know this is stupid, but everytime I see the Disney 50th celebration it just frosts my nuts. It is NOT Disney's 50th anniversary. It is not DisneyWorld's 50th anything. Disney the company is much older. Mickey is older.

It is the 50th anniversary of Disneyland Park. DisneyLAND. Not Disney-freaking-World. Not Florida anything. Certianly not Euro-Freaking-Disney. DisneyLAND. 50 years after Ronald Regan broadbast a big hello from Anaheim.

And, has a former employee, the lack of acknowledgement in order for Disney to try and wring out a few more bucks from this world wide just pisses me off. Look at the Flordia Internet Banner below.

Big Picture Here: liar.jpg

Hummm.. Does it mention what the worldwide salute is to? I mean, the message "the most amazing and delightful magic has been gathered at Disney World. Join the worldwide salute to 50 years of magic.
Join this Micheal Eisner.
For years, YEARS, "home" to me conjured 3 thoughts, Palm Trees, DisneyLand and smog. Each made me feel comfy and welcome. Like old friends after a long trip.
Not so much now.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Proof that the Internet truely has everything

Proof that the Internet truely has everything. And proof that distant people you don't know whare your INSANE interests. Here is a site that has Pure Breed Dog Propoganda Posters model on Facisum. And they are COOL!

If I can get him to do Ashford or Hastings I am so doing it.

Simple Pleasures

There are simple pleasures in life.

Today a note from my Mom - just to check in.

And from Ed's friends - the joy have having someone else clean the grout. Really, I kid you now. She is a wee bit too excited.

Subject: Alleluia!
Several weeks ago, J was trying to fix my shower
door. He spilled some cleaning product on the bathroom floor but didn't notice. When I came home from work, I wiped up the spill and much to my amazement, the ceramic tile and grout were perfectly clean where the spill had been.

I planned to strap on my knee pads and get to work when it occurred to me that I have cleaning ladies.

I asked the cleaning ladies how much it would cost to have them try to clean all of the floors and grout with this cleaner. They himmed and hawed. It would be a very big job and they would have to schedule extra time for it. They decided on $25. Fine then. Give it a try.

This morning, I left an extra $25 on the counter, a bucket, two bottles of the cleaner, rubber gloves and the special grout brush that Dad bought me. I was worried that they might pass out from the fumes, give up on the project or the cleaner really wouldn't work. Of course, there was the risk that the cleaner could harm the floors. Normally the cleaning ladies only do a cursory job so I figured the floors wouldn't turn out that great.

I just came home from work and almost cried in the doorway. Upon purchase of the house, the floors didn't look as good as they do now. I cannot believe it. I have struggled with the cursed tile and grout for almost eight years! There are no words to convey how I feel. To top it all off, it was only $25 and was completed while I was at work! I think J got the product for free at Menards!

The product used was Rubbermaid Commercial Strength Tile and Grout Cleaner available at Menards. (Scooter - "She gives us this advice just in case we want to clean grout. Can't you just see Mr. Ed down there scrubbing grout!")

Special prayers for the cleaning ladies!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Moment of Kindness

You know, I love those wierd moments when you connect with someone that makes no sense.

I haven't been going to the gym for a while (I thought I would get nice and fat for the in-laws wedding). Well, the last two days I have. I have been eating better and going to the gym.

So, on my way back from the gym I go to Del Taco. No wait... I have the taco salad with extra meat and I don't eat the tostada so it is very low carb.

Well, the little old Mexican lady who works to fill the orders and pass them out the window saw me. And she waved and asked where I have been. And I said working. And she said, "Come on. Tell me the truth." So I said I had been depressed and just hanging out at lunch.

She said that she was glad I was feeling better - and she wanted to see me again soon. And then she gave me a huge smile.

And I feel better.

Benedict The Pope

At the risk of the lighting bolts, may I offer a few Pope comments.

1) Benedict? Like Benedict Arnold? Now, granted, Lynn has gone far towards rehabiliting the name for us, but still. Benedict. Hummm.

2) A German Pope? There is nothing that will quiet that whole Hitler - Mussolini - Pope collaberation thing like a nice robust German who was in the Nazi army (assistant to Anti-Aircraft guns and constructed tank barriers).

3) Not only a German, a Bavarian! Bavaria is to Germany as Texas is to the United States as the butthole is to the human body. A little too full of itself.

Well, one hopes that he is a beacon of light to the Catholics. The only way to judge them is in their works. In LA, at least, the catholics do great works. Working with the poor, the disenfrancised and keeping hope alive. I wish him allthe best.

But really. An ex-Nazi?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Not writing much

I was out of the office the later part of last week-end. And I was completely annoyed with work the earlier part of last week-end - so I haven't been keeping up to date. Whatever (said in the most 16 year old girl way).

Here is the poop-ski.

Eddie is in Vegas for NAB (the National Association of Broadcasters convention). NAB is my favorite show. He is there on Monday / Tuesday. BackTuesday night.

Carson and Ursula are getting married two Saturday's from now - and Ed and I are looking forward to see the families. All Eddie's brothers, wives and kids are coming. It will be a kick. It is in Palm Springs, so the kids are excited about the pool. Ed's mom and dad are also coming - it will be fun.

We saw Sahara this week-end. It was pretty fun. Lynn and Ed were excited that it open with MMcM's nakid chest - so there wasn't too much waiting for that. If you have ever read the books - it follows the tone, if not the story, very well. Except Dirk is about 30 years younger (and yummier) than in the book.

Eddie made fish and spinach last night. It was great.

I have been in a lousy mood about work - and I need to get out of it.

So, now you are up to speed. Woo P

Monday, April 11, 2005

The "Play Without Words" and the Week-end

So, this week-end Eddie, Bradly and I went to see the show "A Play Without Words", at the Ahmanson. It was a preview matinee performance we got invited to. It was really amazing.

It was a little heavy on the the class distinctions in London. Actually it was about the class distinctions in London in the 60's, but not really.

It was all in dance (I know - but believe me it was good). For example, the guy with the glasses on in the picture above was rich and has a girlfriend. Early int he show, there are three guys dancing as him and three girlfriends - they are all dressed the same, and the same kick-off emotional thing (she brings a gift say) happens, but all the reactions are a little different. So these 3 couples (actually 1 couple, but shown as 3 different reactions) dance differently, interact differently, swamp places and move and then - before your eyes, they may all be doing exactly the same movements together. It happens again , but instead of all moving together some of them run off (they fight, another couple makes up and goes to the bedroom). It was interesting.

Kind of cool. I really liked it.

The rest of the week-end was kick back. We played cards, visited Lynn, ran errands, planted in the backyard, Eddie cleaned out the basement, we interrupted Ron and John's post-coital realization with a drop by. You know - a basic fun week-end.

Canary watch. Over the week-end, at "Confronting the Judicial War on Faith," where House of Representatives staff people a members attended - speakers called for the death of a moderate Supreme Court Justice. Appointed by Reagan, but not conservative enough.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Cardinal Tells of Vow of Silence

Okay, I am corn-fused. Cardinal Roger Mahoney - the LA Cardinal, has been telephoning from the Vatican. Cardinal Mahoney - FYI - got the LA Cathedral built. He presides over the largest population of Catholics in the nation (he Arch-Dicoeses' over?).

The cathedral is an acquired taste. It was done by some big-name Spanish Architect - but that isn't my point here (how easily I get sidetracked).

Anywho, Card. Mahoney says on the radio, "It was very moving. Down the circular stairs, where the Pope wil be buried, it is very small tight space. So the Cardinals formed an Honor Gaurd as the ball bearers brought the pope through. Afterwards, all the Cardinals were moved and did not speak until we got into the dressing room, and took off our vestments."

First of all, I didn't know the Vatican had a dressing room that could handle 167 Cardnials. I visualize a football locker room where the Cardinals swap stories, exchange relics and tell Mormom jokes.

Then he says, "And then we took a vow of silence until after the conclave. The conclave will start in 10 days on the 18th and will go until the new pope is elected." Qeution from Reporter, answer from Mahoney, "Ha ha ha. No, I don't think we will have an American Pope, but the Americans will discuss with our brothers who might be the next Pope." "Okay," the reporter signs off with, "We'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay," says Cardnial Mohney.

All I can think is, this is the worst vow of silence I have ever heard.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Liars - and how not to let them bother you

I am firmly convinced that the way to let all the crap in the world wash over you is to listen to Kenny Chesney on the way to work. I listened to "Never Gonna Feel Like That Again" - about how you should enjoy each day. And I am in a pretty good mood.

Now, regarding lying hypocrites....

Remember that Republican Memo regarding how they could use Terri Schivo's case to their advantage with their base. Well since that time Republicans in the House and Senate have said it was a dirty trick. They never wrote it. They never saw it. And - big ass surprise here - they are lying. The counsel for Senator Mel Martinez (R - The F State) worte and distributed it to Republicans. Of course, instead of admitting they lied (which they all did) he was fired.

And now back to Kenny (Carson and Urs: How was the concert?)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Standard our Government Holds Itself To:

I will write later about good news, but first this ditty.

From the Republican Party that holds itself to a higher "values" standard, I give you Tom DeLay - leader of the house (via the NYTimes)

WASHINGTON, April 5 - The wife and daughter of Tom DeLay, the House majority leader, have been paid more than $500,000 since 2001 by Mr. DeLay's political action and campaign committees, according to a detailed review of disclosure statements filed with the Federal Election Commission and separate fund-raising records in Mr. DeLay's home state, Texas.

Most of the payments to his wife, Christine A. DeLay, and his only child, Dani DeLay Ferro, were described in the disclosure forms as "fund-raising fees," "campaign management" or "payroll," with no additional details about how they earned the money. The payments appear to reflect what Mr. DeLay's aides say is the central role played by the majority leader's wife and daughter in his political career.

How did the party of "values" respond - clearly they called for him to come clean. Call for him to respond honestly. Umm.. No.

My favorite is that most Republicans I know aren't even embarrassed. You know what, when we all found out Clinton got a hummer - we Democrats were embarrassed. We thought less of him. We didn't want him impeached, but we vocally wanted him to set the record straight.

So... I've been tricked

So, my Eddie has tricked me. Not cricket. Not at all cricket.

You see Eddie has said that I should not retire and spounge off him because, I wouldn't be happy. Nothing to do with him, you see. He was worried for MY happiness. Oh, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I'd be bored. I would miss work.

Well last night we had dinner with Joc (who still works at the big X) and Donna (who has retired from the big X). Donna - also married to an accountant - looks great. She travels. She doesn't appear to miss work at all.

Hummm... one begins to wonder if Ed is really concerned about ME in all this.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm ignoring it all

The Jackson trial...

A Senator that justifies violence against Federal Judges by saying they are activists...

The introduction of a bill into the Senate (sponsered by 4 Senators) that states that Judges and thje Supreme Coutrt have no right to review cases "concerning that entity's, officer's, or agent's acknowledgment of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government"

I'm ignoring how the Pope's funeral and Prince Charles Marriage were slated for the same day (Prince Charles reschedule - thank god).

I am ignoring an asnine race for LA Mayor between Current Mayor Dunderhead and hopeful candidate Panders-with-Fist.

I am ignoring customers that whine, honking drivers and the time change.

I am, in fact, ignoring the idiots today. I don't have time for them. I am very busy with my friends, my boyfriend, my dogs and enjoying my microfiber briefs. I am, in a very Zen way, at peace this moment. So don't piss me off.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Not so much us - as...

So there is a dog story following this week-end update.

This week-end we went to the desert and had the a great time. There was a lot of lying around, and hanging out. It was fun. We also saw most of a killer Tennis Game. Feder vs. this 18 year old phenom, Rafael Nadal. Nadal had Feder (whom I don't really like) on the ropes. He won the first two sets, and was in the tie-breaker in the 3rd. But then he got tired and ended up losing. I liked him right from the get go. Even before I saw this picture in which he looks "very" excited about the prospect of winning.

So , on to the Dog story. I pamper Hastings a little. I put him in the Jaquzzi to help with his artheritis. But I am not a freak like the people on "Showdogs Moms and Dads". Really.

In the middle of a review of the show for Salon, the author wanders off-topic of the show, and onto the topic of dog love.

Yes, "Showdog Moms &

Dads" hits a little too close to home for comfort. While we could chuckle heartily as the depraved parents on "Showbiz Moms & Dads" screwed up their children, I think we can all agree that screwing up a little dog's self-esteem is no laughing matter. And, while we wouldn't dream of making our kid traipse across a stage at age 3 singing "God Bless America," we might just purchase a rhinestone-studded collar for our pooch. In fact, we might've purchased one several months ago.

While we're on the subject, though, let me just make one thing clear: While all self-respecting, single women in their 30s fear becoming crazy cat ladies, i.e., women who live in filthy yet charmingly cluttered houses where everything is covered in a fine layer of downy soft cat hair, they should really fear becoming crazy dog ladies instead. Crazy dog ladies live in filthy houses that are not remotely charming, and their floors are not only covered with floaty bunches of dog hair, but also crowded with ripped-up corpses of stuffed animals, which crazy dog ladies refer to, tellingly, as "babies."

Crazy cat ladies, although filthy, are very proud. Crazy dog ladies have no pride, no shame, no dignity and no self-respect. In fact, without any rigid, antiquated strictures dictating their behavior, crazy dog ladies are free to wander into the realm of quick fixes, like eating In-N-Out burgers on the bed (one for doggie, one for crazy lady) while whiling away their days watching TiVoed two-hour episodes of "The Amazing Race," instead of becoming dutifully hysterical over the latest attack against God by the devil's handmaidens.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Oh My Gawd!

So, there was an article in CNN today that described how Miss Wheelchair Wisconsin was dethroned because she was seen walking. Turns out she is only "mostly" confined to a wheelchair.

Ed, sensing this might be a CNN April's Fool Joke (albeit in incredably bad taste), sent out a note to everyone asking if this was, indeed, a joke.

One friend (who will not be named) responded thusly:

It's actually a real pagent. A friend of mine danced in the pagent like ten years ago and said it was in the worst possible taste. He said that there was choreography with the wheel chairs and one of the girls had to blow to move her chair and couldn't keep up with the choreography and was blowing so much that she passed out in the middle of the number. Her chair came to a dead stop and the whole dance turned into chaos...not to mention the song they were dancing to was "What's Up" by Four Non-blondes.

April - Spring Forward

April has burst upon us. March - with it's dreadfull birthdays and rain and crap is a distant memory (all memories arer distant at 46 - but we move on).

In honor of the new season, I want one of these when it comes out (yes - I get older, but I never stop wanting new toys).

Jeep is trying to fix what it done broke. If you go to the main Jeep site, you will see an ad for the "new" Jeep Commander. In case it seems - somehow - oddly familiar, well look no further than the picture. It is a Jeep Cherokee with round edges. You know, that great little seller they dropped about 3 years ago.

Of course, no one likes to admit a mistake so they added a 3rd row of seating and called it "all new". It's all new as in 1997 new. Although, I will admit, I like it.

Speaking of liking, for our new found Spring Attitude - we feature the Tequilla swilling, Bongo Playing, Bong hiding Matthew McCounahey. He's got a new movie coming out - and apparently that is enough reason to remove clothing. I say it is a cheap ploy to get girls and gay boys to take a look. Bring on more movies baby.

Springing Away From Ofoto

Yea, Ofoto has worked by nerves by turning into KodakGallery. I am trying Shutterfly. See if the LINK works.