Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I don't know about this...

So these are the new Ralph Lauren opening cerimonies outfits. I am not sure that I like them. They are clean and preppy and probably a lot classier than we had, but I still wonder.
For example, what is the stripe mid stomach about? Let's face it, Dontay Wilder (the boxer) has no stomach, but the outfit makes it look like he has one.

The outift does look better on Giuseppe Luzpone (a US rower), but I think it is the lack of the middle stripe that does it. (Or the decision not to wear the sweater). Ralph was supposedly influence by Chariots of Fire and it is timeless, but I am not so sure.
I mean, think about it. We have seen the US team walk in before and they are layabouts. Will the outfits hinder that or make it look even worse?

Kiva Spotlight April: Yum Chhunly

I told you before about where you can make loans to poorer people and they repay you. Well, I am including a little information here for ya'll about Yum Chhunly in Cambodia and what she and her husband has used the loan for. They are 2 months into a 10 month repayment cycle, and so far so good.

Mrs. Yim Chhunly is 44 years old and works as a fish seller at Takmoa market in the Takmoa District of the Kandal province. She has two children who are both in school. Her husband, Mr. Nhoem Sarith, is 50 years old and works as a vegetable farmer. To earn a living for their family, Yim and her husband work very hard everyday. Because of their business, their children can now continue to study.
Yim needs a loan of $1000.00 to buy a new motorcycle to transport fish and vegetables to the market more efficiently. She has proven to be a reliable client of HKL in the past. And she thanks HKL for their support and promises to be accurate in her loan payment.
Her husband is pictured in the photo because she was not available at the time.
Here are the loan details:
About the Entrepreneur
Name: Yim Chhunly
Location: Kandal Province, Cambodia
Primary Activity: Motorcycle Transport
Loan Requested: $1,000.00
Repayment Term: 10 months - repaid monthly
Loan Use: To buy a new motorcycle to transport fish and vegetables to the market
Repayment to Date: 20%
Anyways, just wanted to plug the organization again. It does good in difficult times.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun Night

So today we went to the Easter Bonnet show on Broadway. It is really really hard to describe, but it was a lot of fun.
For 6 weeks, twice a year, Broadway shows collect money for Broadway Cares. The money goes for AIDs support, Breast Cancer support, etc. Well, once a year they have this show where Broadway musicals put on skits (or songs or dances) and parade an Easter Bonnet for chariety.
It sounds totally lame, but it was great.
Some amazing singing, some amazing dancing and Chuck was in the show.
We also saw an old friend (Joey Norton) who was working the theater. Funniest person, by far, was Megan Mullaly. There were some great songs. The cast of Hairspray sang Bridge Over Troubled Water. The cast of Rent (closing after 12 years) sang the theme song. Everyone made fun of Young Frankenstein, Crybaby and Patti Lapone.
It was something completely different.

Pee Wee Pooper

So at the new office, I don’t wear my glasses much. I am working on the computer where they are less than helpful (in fact un-helpful), so I don’t wear them around the office. Which I means I move in a sort of fog. Which is fine. I don’t know anyone on the floor. No one works in my group. Everyone who can’t sue has been laid off or outsourced, so why get close to them.
Well, this has been fine. I nod to people as I go to the coffee pot or the water cooler. But I did have an odd encounter in the restroom.
I went to a sit down (as opposed to the urinal) – the product of strong coffee in the AM – and I sat down. And DOWN DOWN! It was my first encounter with a pee wee potty.
I don’t know what we call them anymore, dwarves, midgets, little people, apparently though if they need a BM, they go to the 6th floor stall one. I had no idea. My knees hit me in the chin. I felt like I was stuck in some weird-ass Willy Wonka universe.
It is quite disconcerting to drop an extra 8 inches past where you should (although luckily I didn’t end up with the wet ass which seemed to happen the first time you had new room-mates in the middle of the night). Well, you can’t change stalls (that is a sign of creepiness if you ask me) so I finished up and then got up. I immediately thought it was eerily similar to very deep knee bends, and made my way out of the bathroom.
Next time I will either just hold it or go to the handicap stall (where you know the height).

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wii ! (Weeewwww!!) Mario Karts

Well, Wii. Eddie and I have a Wii, but we haven't used it a ton. The dog hates the tennis balls or the Dance Dance Fever. And it is not a ton of fun to play with the pleseant (bark bark bark bark bark) of the (bark bark bark) the dog.
However, he is better with the Mario Kart.
Eddie and I love the Mario Karts!!! It came out today and we got it. We didn't even know, except wandering around yesterday we stopped at the Wii store and it was going to come out today. So today we went to Best Buy early in the morning and bought it.
We have already played it more than we played the other Wii games put together.
I likii.

"B" for Baby Mama

I give it a B. Not because it was B material, but it was very inconsistent. When it was funny (and it was often funny) it was REALLY funny ("I'm afriad I am going to be surrounded by fatties!" " I'm not fat, I'm pregnate.").

When it wasn't funhy it was totally a C movie. Pretty dull and okay.

So it averages out to a B.

But, boy it was funny when it was funny.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Radar Magazine's: It's Not Me, It's You

Radar Magazine has a great and funny article on the 100 ways to tell the relationship is no longer working - and it is their fault...

My favorites:

6. The erotic highlight of your week is "Whip It Out Wednesday."

19. She keeps accidentally stabbing you.

NO. 37 At your high school reunion, you introduce him as "the reason I'm on Paxil"

38. Your respective Christmas stockings say Shrew and Let's end this charade, Doug.

53. Your response to "Does this skirt make me look fat?" is "No, your giant ass makes you look fat."

57. Out of nowhere, the cashier at the supermarket says, "Don't worry, five inches is almost average."

64. Although not a special occasion, you sometimes call just to whisper, "You've stolen my youth."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What says nice day more than...

than a hello from Trevor. Hello.

People with Degrees in Health are Elitist

So Congress has a hearing on abstinence-only sex education funding. And they bring to the hearing health experts who say:

Programs teaching U.S. schoolchildren to abstain from sex have not cut teen pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases or delayed the age at which sex begins, health groups told Congress on Wednesday.

But Congress wants to keep federal funding on these anyway. Okay, in one way that is what we elect them for, to be our voice. I don't agree, but someone voted for these guys. But I do love this arguement...

Rep. John Duncan, a Tennessee Republican, said that it seems “rather elitist” that people with academic degrees in health think they know better than parents what type of sex education is appropriate. “I don’t think it’s something we should abandon,” he said of abstinence-only funding.

If you don't wnat an answer, then don't ask the question. (From yahoo news.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So my boyfriend needs to clear all questions thru me...

Eddie is on the phone with Patti, who has a new baby. From now on he has to clear all questions thru me. Example 1 of uncleared question, "Well, when you stop breast feeding do your boobs go down to normal?"

All questions to be cleared in the future.


Well, I have a new office. It is on the 6th floor of this building. The "Long Island City" tower. FYI - Long Island City is in Queens. So even though it is off the island of Manhattan, it's only 1 more subway stop.
In fact, it isn't all that bad. It is 5 stops on the E train (no transfer) versus 4 stops for my Park Ave office.
The "Park Ave" versus "Queens" status isn't any bg deal to me. I get to go tie-less (yeah!!).
However there is some things that aren't so fab-bu. Like the fact my new cubicle is dirty biege. And I have space because they laid off a bunch of people. So when the cleared out, not so cleaned up. And my cubicle has lots of old computer equipment. I have a dirty beige cubicle, with stacked computer equipment and the lingering smell of dispair.
As Ed would say, not so aye aye aye.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Women's Marathon Winner, finishes Boston Marathon

Okay, Joan Benoit (Samuelson) is my hero. In 1984 in Los Angeles (the best Olympics ever) Joan Benoit won the very first women's marathon. Up until the 1950s, women didn't compete past 400 meters because it was thought to be too hard on the fairer sex.

This past week-end Joan Benoit Samuelson, at 50 years of age (old than even I) ran the Boston Marathon and finished under 2 hours and 50 minutes. She sent a new record for her age group. I can't run for the bus without huffing a puffing. She is my hero. Here are then and now pictures.

You go Joan!!! (PS,women marathon runners, although spectacular healthy, not real lookers.)
And yes, ever time I say "in 1984 in Los Angeles" I do add the parenthetical "The Best Olympics Ever".

I... don't hate... New York

I am not ready to give the old I heart New York yet, or even the lame NBC "I'm 4 New York." But, there are some upsides to living here.

I love that where we live I can easily walk to a great barber, a great dermatologist and a great dentist.

I have gotten a flu (made it through the snow and 10 degree weather fine, I have a flu now- which is just wrong) and I had a dentist appointment. So I go and on the way I see my dentist walking his Schnauzer and we talk. He is like, "No problem, you feel bad. We will reschedule whenever you are ready."

True, neither my barber nor dentist nor dermatologist are from New York, but they have all lived here a while and kept a really laid back cool attitude. And not having a car is no problem. I do like that.

And I haven't drunk and driven in years. I mean, not even a little. In LA, you have to watch it, but you are going to have a cocktail or two and drive.

So there you go. I don't hate New York.

Monday, April 21, 2008

FYI: Why the easy on the brain stuff?

Well, right now there is a lot of bad stuff and it is easy to find.

-Food prices are crazy and could easily cause deaths around the world. Not that there isn’t enough food, but it is too expensive.
-The never ending election is working everyone’s nerves (at least mine).
-The war doesn’t show any sign of ending.

So what is the point of me whining about it right now? You can find all that somewhere else. So, yes, the web site is light hearted lately. My brain is tired of being sad and outraged.

Lessons Learned: Disneyland

Joni Mitchell was right, you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.
I was thinking about Disneyland and the old ticket book. You see kids, back when I was a youngster, when you went to Disneyland you got a ticket book. And the most “thrilling” rides were the highest (E) tickets. Things like The Matterhorn or Pirates of the Caribbean.
And you learned from this. You can’t have everything. Now a days the number of attractions you can visit is limited only by your ability to berate Mom and Dad to stay long enough. But in the olden times (days of yore), you had to made some tough decisions. Peoplemover or RocketJets?
You only have 2 D tickets left and you have to use one of them to get to Tom Sawyer’s Island so you have to decide, PeopleMover or RocketJets?
Today this would be solved by making your parents stay so you could go on both, but in MY day you had to choose.
You also learned the value of a “deal”. Most of the rides in Fantasyland were C’s. Peter Pan (which was a must), Sleeping Beauty (because Kathy would cry on it no matter how much she promised she wouldn’t), Dumbo, the Tea Cups AND Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride- they were all C’s. You couldn’t go on them all.
But Alice in Wonderland. Ah.. gentle Alice. She was a “B”. Back then I didn’t know why. Now I think it is because she was tucked a little out of the way and didn’t get the walk in trade. But to this very day Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite rides.
The cars with the grumpy catapiliers on them. The dancing cards inside. The Queen of Hearts who shrieks, "Off with her head!". The disappearing Cheshire Cat.
I don’t know why I thought of this, except Eddie and I were talking and I miss Disneyland. But mainly the Disneyland of my memory, not the Disneyland of today. I remember holding, like, 4 tickets left, and wanted to go on six different rides. I remember actually standing and quivering being pulled in some many directions at once. And my mom or Jeanie just standing there saying, “It’s your decision.” Oh…. You knew you were going to decide wrong. AND you had to decide quickly or one of the other kids in your group would pull you onto the Jungle Cruise, which was just a waste of an E Ticket.

Xanadu: Seriously

Let's be honest, I am not a giant admirer of chutzpa. In my experience, Chutzpa often means not admitting failure - after that same failure becomes painfully obvious to everyone else.
So it is with some trepidation that I say that you gotta admire the Chutzpa in putting Xanadu on stage.
Some producer fell in love with one of the WORST movies ever (which brought a temporary end to Olivia Newton John's career, Steve Gutenberg's career and was the low light of poor Gene Kelley in his golden years). But in bringing it to Broadway he was brilliant.
He added songs, left in the roller skates and removed bloat and the show is shorter than the movie (under 90 minutes) with no intermission so you can't think about how embarrassing it is that you are enjoying this.
The show celebrates and jokes about its own shortcomings. Olivie Newton John's accent fades in and out throughout the movie? It does so in the show even more so. The bad-sister muses overact in the movie? On Broadway they screech, laugh, cast spells, make appallingly bad puns, play with the audiences hair and, quite literally in one case, chew the scenery. Steve Gutenberg wants to open a roller disco for no apparent reason in the film? On stage Chayanne wants to open a roller disco as a tribute to the arts of singing, dancing, stage and movement.
But no one has seen the movie, and the playwright knows this. So the entire 1980's are sent up. It was the small window of a year when Flashdance was big, but new wave hadn't started yet. It was the year of Olivia NJ singing "We have to believe we are magic". It was, in short, one of the worst years ever for art, music, clothes and entertainment. If it wasn't for feathered back blond hair (circa Olivia Newton John and Heather Locklear 1.0) there would be no reason to even remember there was a 1980.
And the musical was, for no reason I can put my finger on, awesome.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's not pretty out there

Citigroup is laying off another 9,000 people. So far I have been safe (no one knows why).
Today the Mayor of MunchkinLand (Robert Reich), the "brains" behind Citi for the last three years endorsed Barak.
In my book, this endorsement should be denounced by the candidate swiftly and forcefully.
A racist, American hating Minister I can deal with, Architect of the Citi Miracle, not so much.
Speaking of things that are unconnected, except in my brain, our city is atwitter over the visit of the Pope. And I like the Pope, as an idea. I mean really, I don't love this Pope, but I do like the idea of the Pope.
He is a canvas on which people can project hopes and desires. In the big scheme of things, the church stands for love and acceptance. Sure, this guy is a stern, annoying out of it old man - but the idea that humanity is based on love and acceptance in the form of religion is comforting.

No Sleeping in the Night

Well, last night for dinner we had Chinese, and I accidently ate pasta (Crab Rangoon).  So I was up all night thinking.  This is bad.  My train of thought is something like this.

Scott... why is it that hispanics can't have the S at the beginning of a word.  It is always es-scott.  Like es-spangia.  But they can say Sangria.

I like Sangria.  I haven't had good Sangria in a while.

But they can't say Steve either.  It is always es-steve.

I wonder if they can say Seth.

When did Seth become such a popular name?  You got your Seth Rogan.  Seth Meyers. Seth Rudeski.  Seth Green.

They are all funny guys.  I wonder if there is some relationship between the name Seth and comedy?  Maybe it sounds funny.


No, it doesn't sound funny.  

Unless someone has a lisp.  Then it would be Theth.  Now Theth thoundths funny.

Particular if it was a lisping hispanic who would have to say eth-theth.

I wonder if those Rangoons had pasta in them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Working in Melville today

Today I had all day meeting in Melville. So I rented a zip car (Mini) and drove out there and sat in meetings all day.
Here are some revelations I havde learned about.
1) The Mini is too small for me to use very often. It's not bad, but I am a big guy and it isn't a big guy car.
2) Melville is only 40 minutes away in the morning, but New York City is 95 minutes away in the afternoon.
3) I know that no one has sympathy for me, but all day meetings are ... like really really long. No nap time. No Trevor time. Apparently I have become slightly spoiled in working from home. I spent all day in meetings and got almost nothing done. Yuck!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bed time story

(posted by Ed)

Last night, I wake up and had to pee.  No big deal, I got up and went to the small bathroom.

Well apparently, I roused Scott... so he got up to go too.  He went into our bathroom.

Not to be left out.  Trevor.. completely sleepwalking.. got up too.  He went into our bathroom, lifted his leg to his emergency towel by the tub, and pee'd too.

Completely asleep, we all climbed back into the bed we had left - and settled in, comfortable and happy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Under New York Skies..."

On Saturday we went and saw a show at the Museum of the City of New York. It was called "Under the New York Skies, Noctures by Yvonne Jacquette", and it was really cool.

This woman did pictures of New York at night. They are vibrant and alive. It was, I thought, an amazing show. He use of darks and lights was really cool. The picture to the left was Ed's favorite of the show. He also took the picture above, which I think displays the space and the art very well together.

If you select the picture an even bigger view shows up.

It was a fun afternoon (more about the first part tomorrow).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

So... Eddie had never seen Gallipoli

So my Eddie had never seen Gallipoli. And he didn't know about it. And it was Tivo'ed in HiDef....
So we watched it. And, well, I didn't say anything about it.
Because, well, there is no way say watch your emotions, without giving everything away.
It is a Masterpiece by Peter Wier. He went on to direct Dead Poets Society, Truman Show and others. He is great.
And Mel Gibson was still a great actor and not a blow hard.
And Mark Lee is cute as a bug.
And it is a serious movie that REALLY sneaks up on you.
And Ed, is not happy.

Miss (?) Texas Wins the Crown

So "Miss" Texas won the pagent. And she is beautiful... for a man. Take a look at these pictures of "Miss" Texas and Ru Paul. In Evening Gowns.

In Swimsuits...

And in Cheesey Photo Shoots.

And, in the topper, RuPaul in a True Miss Texas outfit (which Miss Texas didn't even have).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Miss USA is on Tonight

First let me say that Miss California is a whu-ere... And Miss Wisconsin is African American. I understand the Miss California.., but Miss Wisconsin???

Miss California here is from Barstow. Apparently after Miss Koreatown originally won the crown, they went back and said there was a counting Miss Take (get it) and Miss Barstow really won.

Miss Wisconsin

Miss Minnesota (another Tartlet)

Miss Montana (good homesteader stock)

And Lynn's Home state Gal

Miss Ohio (a poor starving stripper from Dayton)

Dora at 2

This is our neice Dora with her formal 2nd Birthday picture. I got the picture a while back, but I just found it in my "to scan" pile.

I think she is adorable.

I also love the "Official" type pictures. You know, I love love love the candid snaps, but I also look back really fondly on the "official" portrait pictures of our youth. There is something quite familiar, yet formal about them.

Anyways, she is a cutie.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

MSNBC List of Actors and Actresses who...

MSNBC has a list of Actors and Actresses who Look Like They Smell Bad...

Actresses include:

Mary Kate and Ashley & Helena Bohman Carter

Actors include:
Colin Farrell & Matthew McConaughey
They also give these words of wisdom Matt... (Note to Matthew: Sometimes when you reek of B.O., people try to be nice by not telling you that you reek of B.O. This does not mean that you don’t reek of B.O. Just FYI.)

Welcome Home Katherine Ava Gomez

Patti Gomez (nee Coughlan) and Jay Gomez (nee Gomez), Ed's friend from Chicago, just had their first baby. Miss Katherine is beautiful.

Katherine Ava Gomez on her Birth Day...
The downside, she is an Aires, which makes your mother's threat ("Just wait until you have your own child!") that much more probable.

Dinner at a Morroccan last night

Last night, our neighbors (Aldona and Joe for those who must know more) took us to a little Moroccan restaurant down the street.

My hopes were not high.  For anyone who has lived for any length of time in Los Angeles, the reason is obvious.  Dar Magreb.  Some people like Dar Magreb.  These are the same people who enjoy office Christmas Parties, attending the nephew's little league game and who can't wait to hear Bernice play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on her hand whittled kazoo.  To wit, not I.

Moroccan, in general, and therefore Dar Magreb in particular brings to my mind communal hand washing, picking at egg-y rice with your fingers - and worse your friend picking at your same rice with their unwashed digits, and, of course, the heavyset sweaty girl who clang clang clangs her finger cymbals as she belly dances around you - and you can only wonder why it doesn't make her lose some weight.  Or, at the very least, why she doesn't shave her armpits daily if they are going to be up in the air like that.

My expectations set reasonably low, we set out last night.  It was actually quite a great dinner.  The spices were good and spicy, I finally figured who exactly cooks in those TeePee like things you saw EVERYWHERE last year and the chicken was tasty.  Dinner was a little lengthy, but the neighbors enjoy appetizers, salad, main course and dessert - so that is to be expected.  Unlike Ed and myself who live by the get in, get feed and get out rule.

The company was nice. The obligatory Belly Dance was handled well (by a well shaven woman of slight stature) albeit a little long.  Belly Dancing is like a Saturday Night Live Skit, they start off great, but they never really know how to wrap it up.  And dessert, which I do not like as a rule was muy tasty.

It was a fun evening with friends.  If you ever want to go, come to New York and I will show you were it is.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fun Facts and a Fun Movie

So, I threw my back out again (probably in fit of anger at the UCLA loss) and I have been walking around like the 200 year old man for the past few days. Fun.

Yesterday, to take my mind off my pain (and probably to shut me up), Eddie took me to see Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day at the Theater.

The movie benefitted from lousy reveiws and low expectations, but it was really cute. Frances McDormand plays a out of work nanny, who pretends the employment agency sent her as a Social Secretary. Amy Adams plays a singer /hopefully London Actress juggling 3 men. It is a 1930's farce, done very 1930s.

She is persued, and must choose, between Lee Pace, Tom Panye (a cute Brit who is all of 19ish) and Mark Strong (who is a not so cute Brit who is not so 19ish).

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Off with his head.... (Updated...)

Off with his head.
This is Ben Howland. The first ever UCLA Bruin Coach to take more than 1 team to the Final Four and not get a championship.
The Bruins scored 63 points.
The UCLA Bruins scored 63 points.
Don't tell me defense wins championships, Ben Howland has had a hell of a defense for a long time. Ben Howland's teams are consistenly almost great. Maybe even great.
But not the greatest. Julie Neppl (lord love her) has provided kind words. But kind words are not enough you evil evil Ben Howland. Back to Pittsburgh with your hustle and your defensive proess. How could you raise our hopes high for a 3rd time only to have them dashed on the rocks of the final four. You have been given grace periods, your own players and time. Now you should be banished.
As Glinda said to Elphaba in the Wizard of Oz. Be gone, you have no power here.
Poor John Wooden. You've probably killed him.

I see Christmas Presents for Everyone on My List...

I know it's early to tell you, but you if you want to propose which "Thank You" item you want for your Christmas Pressie. You should go to " ".

Remember, there is a lot to Thank him for.
- Two wars, were we went almost 2 and 0 (still possible in one of them).

- If you are in the top 5% of wage earners, your income went up over 20% a year over these 8 years (if you aren't in the top 5%, then stagnent isn't... you know the worst thing ever).

- The price of gas now reflects what you should be making on your Exxon shares (remember when he came in and we were are all shocked that gas might eventually hit $2.00 a gallon!?)

- He got rid of those pesky Geneva Conventions on torture

- He got government out of the way and allowed the market to fix the problems of New Orleans

- Made sure that Iraq didn't have Nuclear Weapons

- Made sure North Korea does

- Forcefully argued that girls shouldn't have to be vacinated to stop Cervical Cancer; because, you know, whores deserve cancer anyway

- Promised to get us back to the moon by 2010 and then to Mars

- One word, Uniter

- One more word, Decider

- Just promised that the American Economy is sound, and is giving many people $600 checks to make up for the lose in home values

- Inappropriate kissing of foreign leaders

- Had first Vice President to ever use the words "Fuck Off" on camera when talking to a Senator, thereby breaking down barriers to open and honest communication

- Makes sure that in this war, the National Gaurd actually gets to see some action - not like him with Vietnam; he missed all the fun

- Approved logging in National Forests, because nobody visits those anyway

- Defined a plan for turning the Middle East into a bastion of Democracy - starting with Iraq and Palestine (too bad about Hamas winning)

- Didn't barf on Japanese like his dad

- Didn't get a blow job like Clinton

- Didn't cut the size of the Military, nor their job resonsabilities.

- Share price of Exxon 5 years ago $35.00 -Today $90.00, Raytheon $28.00 - $65.00, Halliburton $7.50 - Today $41.07 (Thank God Dick Cheney has his retirement taken care of) - ps, I don't know why everyone isn't rich with a stock market like that

Christmas is Coming, get your requests in now....

Friday, April 04, 2008

The way they do it in New York

So, there was this crane crash in New York. I contrast this with the FAA "didn't inspect the planes" Fiasco in Washington, but it happens everywhere.
It happened in the Minneapolis Bridge collapse. It happened in some of the LA Earthquake reviews. It is common for government employees to not do their jobs.
Then something bad happens, and they go to Congress and weil up with tears about how they "tried, but their hands were tied". It happens so often, we actually tend to ignore it.
So, in New York when they found the crane inspector who had signed off on this 4 days before had not really been to the site to even look at it, I figured, more of the same.
No, New York is a little different. The woman in charge of oversite threw his ass in jail and has charged him with accidental homicide, failure to do his job, lying to the government about doing his job. Teer up all you want buddy, but your ass is staying in jail.
It scares me a little when I see New York Cops on TV (in New York, they are the "cops", never the "police"). They are pudgy and out of shape and don't run. So they tend to say things like, "Halt... Stop" BANG BANG BANG " ...or I'll shoot."
But with this crane guy; send his ass up the river. (ps - "up the river" refers to the fact that the New York Riker's Jail is, technically, up the East River from New York.)

That's OK for Some People...

...For Some
Drum People to be....
But some people ain't me...
Eddie and I saw Gypsy last night. And Patti LuPone plays Mama Rose like the stage mother from hell, with the voice as clear as moonlight.
It was something to see a Stage Diva in a role written for a Stage Diva and living up to every bit of it. She was, by turns, defiant, desperate, conniving, insidious, bitter and proud - sometimes within seconds of each other. She didn't just sing the role, she acted it, sang it and inhabited it.

Ed and I liked it.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Update to My Attorney General Story

Just as an update to my earlier post about our lying Attorney General ( It turns out I am not alone on questioning this.

Some people have picked up on the fact that the Attorney General's story (in which he tries to justify the approval of FISA) is completely new. And they asked the 9/11 commission if it was true.

You see, our government directed a commission to investigate 9/11. And the government (even Bush) agreed to give them all the information they had. And, while they did have some information about calls from Yeman, this was the first time the commission heard about a call from Afganistan. The Attorney General has given brand new information, informatoin that was never given to a comission the government created to get to the bottom of the 9/11 attacks on our country.

So once again, I must ask. Did the Administration hide this information earlier? The consensus from the Bush Administration is no, they did not. They gave everything to the comission - EVERYTHING they had.

So our Attorney General lied and used the memories of 3,000+ dead Americans to get a law passed. OVER THREE THOUSAND dead Americans, both civilians working in New York and Military working at the Pentagon are now used as a prop for this lying bastard who is in charge of nation's legal system. Even if you are for the law - the lying use of dead American's as props should upset you.

If that doesn't piss you off, image Hillary Clinton saying that if she was President in 2001, these people wouldn't have died. This infuriating isn't it? Well, Hillary never said it. Our nation's chief law enforcement officer made a similiar case though in the FISA law. Forget that he is wrong (as I said, we are alowed to bug coversations from outside the country anyway). Doesn't it piss you off at all?

Are we so tainted that this Adminstration can trash the memories of America dead at will? Okay, I'll drop it.

Man Eating Badgers

From Laura...

A story of killer Badgers being released in Iraq. Apparently scaring the local populace and eating the local animals.

Key Quotes from the Story...

Basara, Iraq has an unusual problem: they've been invaded by badgers! These cute little fellows are rumored to run as fast as deer and to eat animals as large as cows.

One Iraqi woman shares her close encounter: "I was sleeping at night when this strange animal hit me on my head. I have not seen such an animal before. My husband hurried to shoot it but it was as swift as a deer ... It is the size of a dog but his head is like a monkey. It runs so quickly."

Some believe that these badgers were delibrately placed in the lands surrounding Basara by British forces to harass Iraqi citizens. These rumors were quickly attended to by British army spokesman Major David Gell, "We have not released giant badgers in Basra, and nor have we been collecting eggs and releasing serpents into the Shatt al-Arab river."

Others believe that the badgers are indigenous to the area. “These animals appeared before the fall of the regime in 1986," said Mushtaq Abdul-Mahdi, director of Basra's veterinary hospital. "They are known as Al-Ghirayri and locally as Al-Girta." The badgers he describes are more commonly known as "honey badgers", and, while they are known to be fearsome predators capable of killing cobras, are generally not a threat to people.One local farmer is not convinced that they are harmless. “I saw it three days ago at night attacking animals," he said. "It even ate a cow. It tore the cow up piece by piece."

The good news is that these Man Eating Badgers are not the same as the mean, nasty little Wisconsin Badgers (pictured above and below).